What Kind of Feminist Future Does ISIS Have In Mind?

I want to thank East Hampton’s East End Women’s Alliance for honoring my lifetime of feminist work. That work spans nearly half a century. In this time, a visionary feminism managed to seriously challenge, if not transform, world consciousness.

Like many of us, I started out in 1967 and have never looked back. The work still drives me. 1967 was an easier year to “come out” as a feminist. It is much harder now. We had an opening in history and we rushed right through that door and almost instantly became Players in History.

  • Ms Chesler’s article is 100% correct. But it includes too many concerns at the expense of driving home the biggest concern – Islam.

    Islam is a scourge to all of mankind. And women take the brunt of Islam.

    Islamic theology is the cause. And this needs to be attacked.

    Islam cannot exist with free women.

    Cultivating the seed of feminism within Islam will go a long way in dealing with the Islamic cult.