Syria’s civil war is killing refugees

The real cause of the death of three-year-old Alan Kurdi — whose lifeless body washed up on the shores of southern Turkey along with those of his five-year-old brother and mother — is the Syrian civil war.

While the photo of that tragedy has suddenly galvanized world opinion, this war has been going on for four years between the brutal dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad and rebel forces, joined more recently by the crazed killers of ISIS. Syria is in chaos.

  • Oracle9

    Top story in Google News, as the west assumes automatic blame for the dead babies in the advancement of the hijra (invasion and colonization), it seems not to occur to anyone that perhaps cleaning up the hellholes from which they originate might be the solution.

  • marty_p

    I thought my head was going to explode this morning when I read today’s Toronto Star. It’s all Harper/the Conservatives/Canadian’s fault for not opening their homes to deserving Mo families. Page after page of BS with not one word of how the Arab world has done nothing to help their fellow Mo’s. So where’s the Arab League? Where is the U.N? (Oh my bad I forgot they only meet when it is necessary to condemn Israel.
    Sorry Toronto Star – no “Pro Mo” sympathy here…. we see how successful the importation of the Somali refugees is. (Pass the Qhat anyone?)
    Canada should admit the number of Mo refugees that Saudi Arabia does.
    This is a Muslim sectarian war – nothing more – nothing else and comparisons to how we should all aspire to be like the heroic British who took in Jewish children fleeing Hitler’s Nazi murder machine make me want to throw up.
    Here’s a suggestion – have the UN refocus UNRWA to solve the Syrian crisis – after 60 odd years it’s time the Palestinians stood on their own two feet. Time to cut off aid to Ramallah and Gaza and spend it on the Syrian refugees. Then perhaps I’ll sympathize.
    I did find one page of today’s Star a bit humorous – top of the page was an article whining about the fate of Syrian refugees and the bottom half of the page was an advertisement for Cadillacs….. If I was the GM dealer I’d be mighty pissed – after all who after reading about poor Mo’s who have nothing is going to feel like running out today to buy a luxury car….. talk about wasted advertising dollars.

    • tom_billesley
      Bob Geldof says he will welcome refugee families “immediately” into his Kent and London homes

    • andycanuck

      There are also news stories on the inside pages about poor little Omar Khadr wanting to come to Toronto; Islam the Religion of Peace running a billboard campaign in the States; and a Christian convert being put in jail for contempt of court because the judge thought she wouldn’t do as he ordered and pay the fine and sign the gay marriage certificates. BTW, it looks like anti-gun nut, Wendy Cukier, is now a Syrian refugee activist.

  • ed

    uk MSM showing vids of them being buried ” guess where ” Syria , WTF how did they get back there ???? where is the father ??? got to be a pallywood stunt

  • andycanuck

    And Kathy Shaidle heard on CP24 that the father is returning to Syria to get the children buried there!

  • Hard Little Machine

    Odd how no one’s traveling over land to Russia, Iran, China, Ukraine.

  • bls46

    AND…..let’s talk about the politicians who reported that Assad was just a regular, good guy….why gosh, they’d been friends and often eaten dinner together ! Oh, that ‘red line in the sand’… was made up of the blood of refugees trying to flee Assad’s tyrannical regime and the chaos that it created !!!!

  • Everyone Else

    there’s no civil war in syria

    bashar al-assad and the alawites ran a relatively peaceful and inclusive regime for decades, and they weren’t attacking any neighbors, including israel

    the so-called “arab spring”, more accurately called “oil-fueled jihad”, is what began this mess a few years ago

    the simple-minded western media trying to hang onto the ridiculous good guy / bad guy theory of history, thereupon decided al-assad was bad and the arab springers were good.

    however the “good” springers theory has been blown up by the caliphate, so now the simple-minded media is trying to paint the jihad in syria as a “civil war” with both sides at fault.

    the average canadian/american/european is so far behind the 8-ball in understanding the dynamics unfolding in the islamic world that there is zero chance of any sane policy decision being made AND supported.

    the last half century of easy living has made westerners emotionally incapable of defending the principles that made our countries great in the first place

    every would-be crook and besotted leftie is going to be pounding us with the word “equality” until our accomplishments get smashed so thin no one will care whether or not they get an “equal” share of the poisonous thin gruel that remains

  • pdxnag

    Islam killed that boy.