Sharing a photo of a dead Syrian child isn’t compassionate, it’s narcissistic

Have you seen the dead Syrian child yet? Look at his lifeless body. His head buried in the sand. His sad, resigned posture after he and his family made the treacherous journey from Syria to Turkey only to wash up dead on a Turkish beach. Isn’t this just the saddest photo you’ve ever seen? And gross too? Quick, share it! Show it to your friends — on Twitter, Facebook — so that they will feel sad and grossed-out too. Gather round, everyone: stare at the dead Syrian child.

We all know about the problem of sexual pornography on the internet. Now we need to talk about the problem of moral pornography. And nothing better illustrates it than the photo of Aylan, a three-year-old Syrian who drowned alongside his five-year-old brother Galip, his mother and others fleeing the hell of Syria.

  • Dana Garcia

    Actually I would call such sob story pictures Liberal Porn, but certainly the morality horse race is a big part: libs think they are better than the rest of us and feel the urge to display their superiority.

    • I noted the term “dead child porn”. If a pro-lifer showed a pictured of an aborted baby, it would be banned.

      Yet not this.

      Well, it might soon be because no one can blame the West, Canada in particular.

  • andycanuck

    BTW, the father has returned to the “hell of Syria” to bury the kids and probably to stay there permanently.

    • Waffle

      And all he wanted to do was get to Germany to get his teeth fixed.

  • Petr

    The media are wasting our tollerance and compassion with stories like this dayly. More and more people are saying “fuck them, I dont care”.
    One of our politicians even wrote “I dont care, I dont care if a milion of them drowns” (he got thrown out of his party for it).
    The days when sob stories like this moved the people where the media wanted are over. Now it just pisses people off and the more stories they print the more the people see the manipulation.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Funny how Russia isn’t the destination. It’s overland and not as fraught with the danger of drowning. Could it be that Russia hasn’t simply thrown open the gates and told millions to come right in and take everything for free?

  • Gary

    Al Gore will hijack it and claim it was from the Global Warming , just as Obama blame AGW for creating ISIS .