Ontario Wants Refugees

Oh, for the love of crumb-cake!

The Ontario government says Ottawa should pledge to bring 5,000 Syrian refugees to Canada by the end of the year.

Minister of Health and Long-Term Care Eric Hoskins said Friday that the federal government should not wait for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees or host governments to certify refugee status, a process he said could take months, and even years.

“We can and we need to mobilize the human and financial resources now and bring thousands to Canada immediately and complete their processes here,” said Hoskins as he announced a $300,000 government funding for Lifeline Syria — an organization that is trying to bring 1,000 Syrian refugees to Toronto.

The funding will be used to implement an outreach campaign to promote private sponsorships, recruit, train and support private sponsors as well as cover the cost of hiring more case workers to help refugees once they resettle in Canada.

Hoskins said previous Canadian governments have responded promptly to international humanitarian crisis, including the Kosovo War in 1999, when 5,000 Kosovo Albanians were resettled in Canada in less than a month.

“We can do this again, but we need to harness the political will and determination,” Hoskins said. “We have the public determination. Now it is time for governments to heed that public call.”

Other provinces also stepped up efforts to support organizations that help resettle refugees.

The Manitoba government pledged an additional $40,000 to help settlement service providers in the province accommodate hundreds more refugees in the coming months.

On Thursday, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard said the province has accepted 643 Syrians since the beginning of the year and expects 1,900 by the end of 2015. Couillard said Quebec is prepared to do more.

Meanwhile, Toronto Mayor John Tory has also pledged his support to Lifeline Syria by sponsoring a family to settle in the city from the war-ravaged country.

Tory said Friday he is sponsoring the family as part of a group of friends, one of whom asked him to help out just days before the photo of a drowned Syrian boy washed ashore in Turkey horrified the world.

Since that image was published, Tory said, he has spoken with several Canadian mayors who want to help with the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

Did Wynne tell these would-be refugees that there are no jobs for them? Is Couillard willing to accommodate them?


  • jayme

    We have long waits in social housing in our two biggest (Toronto and Ottawa)We have very long waits for health care and social services but hey lets add to our waits.

    • They will be fast tracked.

      • JoKeR

        Today’s refugees are tomorrow’s Liberal voters, or so the Ontario Liberals hopes.

        • Mike Chablise

          really? I would have though someone helped by compassion of others would be lining up at the border beside you to shoot anyone trying to take away THEIR new entitlement.

          Reality is, society here in Canada would be greatly enhanced by having some new residents that don’t feel so entitled. Ya, ya, you or some distant relative of yours fought in some war to get the gold and now you have the gold and nobody else deserves your gold.

      • occupant 9

        Absolutely they will be fast-tracked, given the highest priority, perhaps even the Order of Canada should Harper lose the election.

    • Mike Chablise

      I talked to Wynne and told her that we have 1200 high paying jobs at $80k in Bells Corners for new grads and we couldn’t fill them so she got 4800 refugees that were willing to work for $20k. (I’m pretty good at math so I was able to calculate this) This is what convinced her to bring in the extra refugees. At $20k they will be able to get some reasonable housing in Bells Corners and walk to work. Thank you very much for telling me about the job openings. Can you tell me what company they were at becuase I want to send the refugees over there to accept the jobs asap and of course find apartments close to the address you give me. Thanks Jayme, you’re a prince.

      • Ridiculous story. And you’re pretty bad at math too. How do 4800 people fill 1200 positions? By doing one fourth of the work? Or did the company create 3,600 extra positions for them to do nothing three fourths of the time? Something stinks of bovine doo doo.

        • Clausewitz

          Well with Wynnee’s logic 3600 welfare recipients just add to the economy. That’s why you have to bring them all in, because money just magically appears in her little utopia.

          • Mike Chablise

            why don’t you calculate the cost of carrying 10,000 humans across our population of 30M and how much comes out of your precious pocket. No new motor for your fishing boat this year. Put off the annual winter trip to Cuba? Measure that against 10,000 people just like you, with families dying in the belly of some barge. You have the right to protect your “precious”, over those lives but that is the choice you’re making and don’t be surprised when people ask you “really?”.

        • Mike Chablise

          Imagine a world where you don’t have a job description that says you must produce 100 widgets per day. You know, a non union one?

          Imagine a company that could benefit from getting four times the production out of each employee. Perhaps build the product four times as fast, or build four times as much?

          Now you have 4800 hard working refugees making low but livable wages and they don’t need any help from you, the glorious taxpayer who’s riches are not a result of you being a better human, a harder worker, a more loving parent. You just effing lucked out buddy. Most of the immigrants I’ve worked with, from the middle east or otherwise, are brilliant and hard working. Refugees, might be a wider mix.

          And you maybe didn’t see the originally Jayme post where he said that there were plenty of jobs for graduating youth and brought up an imaginary company in Bells Corners that had 1200 jobs open at $80k but our spoiled youth only wanted $100k jobs. That was what this post was about. I was mocking the moron Jayme.

          I have a PhD in math, so I would challenge your assertion that I’m bad at math. Would an employer with 1200 x $80k hire 4800 at $20k? Not sure since Jayme just pulled the imagiary data out of his man-punani

          • Clausewitz

            Imagine an elected Canadian or Provincial government taking care of “Canadians”. When I sponsored my cousins move to Canada they could not draw on any Social Assistance for the first 10 years or until they became citizens. The new way is to claim refugee status and receive better benefits than your average Canadian can through CPP or Disability. BTW if you want to try to bully me with your credentials I’ll see you and raise you a PhD in History and Political science with a side serving of MaEd and a Ba in Natural Sciences and a second in History. Why is it Canada’s responsibility to become the dumping ground of the planet? Don’t the NDP and the Liberals both claim we’re in the midst of a deep recession? Where do you propose that money come from then, or are the opposition parties just blowing smoke up our asses as usual?
            PS: answering your own posts is pretty week.

          • Mike Chablise

            yes, I admit you are right. those kids washing up on shore are faking it to get the “free ride”. I say check their background really good.

            maybe we could save some money by reducing the number of degrees guys like you get? with all those degrees, what do you do for a living? teach?

          • Clausewitz

            Don’t know about you dude, but I paid for my education. No OSAP, no loans, just a lot of hard work,

          • Mike Chablise

            me too, but if you don’t realize this, even paying for your tuition is heavily subsized. Less now than in our era, so you still cost the taxpayer a lot, but net gain in the end if you were productive.

          • Clausewitz

            MaED from Canisius college in Buffalo. Paid for as an out of state student, no subsidies. PhD in History from Yale. Again no subsidies.

          • Clausewitz

            Yeah I teach. High School as the department head for history and geography, and I also lecture on average 2 courses per semester at the local University. This all after working 22 years in telecom, and 5 years in radio. What did you do except to think that everyone owes you a living.

          • Mike Chablise

            so your pay now as a deptartment head is $100k, so pretty similar to what you would have made in telecom with about half the work or less? I’m guessing you were in product management or HR in telecom role because unlikely you were doing development with that education.

            I write security software, in telecom. I’ve worked 12 hour days for most of my career, then work at night to keep up to the changing technologies. And my job security was very similar to yours when you were in telecom (I don’t even have to ask). Work those hours or lose your job and then lose your job anyway, then move on and don’t complain. Gov enabled companies to move everything offshore, too bad, so sad.

            What-now about somebody owing me a living? How about your head of phys ed, making 100k with job security, full benefits, pension, 12 weeks vacation threatening to go on strike because they want him to stay past 3:00pm? Maybe go spit venom at him or do you thing we need to pay someone like that to tell the kids how to position a jockstrap and tape an ankle?

          • Clausewitz

            In telecom I worked for a living. I was the lead design engineering for Data Networks. Programmed Cisco servers before I made the leap to the DTM’s and the ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode National servers.
            You really seem to have bought into the whole class warfare meme put forward by most progressives. Of course anybody who made anything of themselves has done has done it because they come from rich families and all they seem to do is steal from the poor. You look at life as a zero sum gain. Initially you were pissed at me because I stated that maybe it would be a good idea to have our governments look after Canadians first. I know, I know, radical idea.
            BTW when I was in Telecom I made way more than I have ever made in education, because I educated myself to the point where I was one of only three people in Canada who had the skills necessary to program from server level to ATM level within one network. I’ve always taken courses because I like to learn. The learning’s the thing, the credentials are just a bonus.

    • But think of the voters’ block.

    • Petey the First

      Stop social assistance. Let the deadbeats sleep in the streets. Kick them as you walk by. Maybe they’ll learn something. I’m tired of the bums. They’re everywhere.

  • tom_billesley

    Ontario will have to stand in line.
    Every leftist government in the world will want a herd of pet Syrians.

    • They are liberal chia pets.

      Put them on the shelf and display them.

    • Bataviawillem

      And have other people pay for it.

  • Edubeat

    Settle them on Baffin Island, The Russians have made huge leaps by building Arctic cities on top of the permafrost. They have thriving industries geared towards mining, smelting and spinoff industries. The tecchnology/engineering models are open to anyone on the Internet. Southern Ontario already has way to immigrants to feed and house. If not they can always move back home.

    • Bataviawillem

      There is already a big iron ore mine there.
      And after 10 years there they get the passport.

    • occupant 9

      This idea has real merit, but no free apartment in downtown Toronto so I doubt the common sense of it will prevail. Too bad.

    • Mike Chablise

      why not have those worthless syrians be sex slaves? I mean I’m talking about the beautiful women only and then the men we can use for making soap. If they don’t agree they can swim home in the ocean. Pass me another cigar Bill, I deserve it because I pay taxes.

    • Mike Chablise

      better yet, let’s produce 5 or 6 tiers of Canadian humans.
      1. top tier, those whose forefathers stole this land in the first place, anglos and such. must have very white skin
      2. second tier, those likeminded immigrant descendants (Italian and Irish) that are indistinguishable now, other than they are working class
      3. educated asians that are doing our IT work
      4. immigrants not white, with an accent
      5. …..

      constrain white collar jobs to tier 1. We deserve it because we were here first and pay taxes.
      tier 2 can have freedom to do our labour. roads, housing, roofing, drywall
      tier 3 can be placed by us in IT jobs to fix our smart phones and computers
      tier 4 has significantly less rights. we can send them to Baffin island etc.
      tier 5 are only for our pleasure. sex slaves, human chairs etc. We can bring in the number of refugees we need for this, but no more. they need to farm their own food and don’t take part in the money system

      I mean this is just back of the napkin, we need to work out the details a bit

  • DMB

    I just hope they are not Muslims.

  • Oh yea that’s just what Ontario needs alright.

    • occupant 9

      It would seem that every free nation has had suffered from a serious lack of Muslims so much so that we’ve got to make up for it by importing mass numbers of the followers of Murdering Mo.

      To think, world heritage lost 90% of the libraries to the Muslim hordes of the past, and ISIS is carrying on that tradition of smashing things into fine dust. What could go wrong?

  • What is the obsession of liberals wanting to import Muslims?

    • V10_Rob

      On paper, they look like a perfect addition to their Big Happy Victimhood Tent.

      Liberals simply assume that they really don’t mean all those nasty things about killing gays and stoning women and beheading non-believers.

    • Jonesin’ for more Liberal voters. Although refugees in the past usually turned out to be a big disappointment for the Libs on that front. The majority of refugees from just about anywhere are conservative, traditionalist, don’t believe in Gay marriage, don’t believe in abortion, would never vote for a homosexual Premiere, would never subject their children to promiscuous sex education, would never conform with the “alternative family”, are free marketeers, et cetera. They are 10 times more conservative than Stephen Harper and the Cons.

      But people like Wynne are so confident about the Left’s ability to socially engineer everybody, I think she believes that if she gets everybody’s children indoctrinated early enough through her radical education program, then she’ll pretty much succeed in turning them all into amoral, godless, promiscuous, thieves and pawns of the State by the time they reach High School. And if the parents object, no problem — the revisionist education system will have already convinced their children that conservative parents are intrinsically “evil” and laws will be passed to criminalize dissenters. Children will happily betray their parents under the rubric of being brave little activists building the “human rights” utopia. Children of conservatives will be taught that their parents are “abusers”.

      That’s the way a Marxist revolution works. I’ve watched it unfold like that once before in my lifetime while overseas, and I’m witnessing it unfold like that again in Canada.

      • As far as the “Muslim” factor goes, support from the Left is just temporary to create as much conflict as possible among religious people in general, with the ultimate goal of subjecting ALL religion to the whims of the State. In the past Marxist revolutionaries attempted to use Catholics against Protestants, or vice versa, albeit with limited success. But with the rise of radical Islam I think they see their golden opportunity to create a conflict large enough to snuff out religion forever.

        • occupant 9

          Hitler liked the Muslim “religion” because it allowed for the indulgence of violence but most importantly, the lack of conscience towards the impact on others.

          The Left isn’t against Islam because they understand that Islam doesn’t operate as a religion, but more like a totalitarian system of whole life control which is something the Left has always aspired to create … by murder which is another commonality.

          • I agree. “Political Islam” or the theocratic Islamic State shares much in common with Socialist dictatorships, whether we’re talking about the Stalinist ilk or the Hitlerian ilk. And violence or the illicit use of force is key to maintaining power and demoralizing the masses.

            Actually, Libya’s Moammar Quadaffi experimented with a strange mix of the two, and he was best friends with Fidel Castro (the world’s first International Islamic conference was actually hosted by Cuba in the late ’60’s). Before Al Qaeda and ISIS came on the scene, Libya was one of the biggest sponsors of international terrorism, including the Marxist-revolutionary brand. And I’m old enough to remember the infamous Latin-American terrorist “Carlos the Jackal” from Venezuela — look him up, he was a mixture of all of the above including the Palestinian brand!

  • Bataviawillem

    The politicos are pledging 40,000 dollars here and 400,000 there (it sounds like a little), but it ends up being billions of tax payers money, that is what they don’t tell you.

  • SDMatt

    And when the 5,001st dies on a beach, what then? And when the 10,001st dies on a beach, what then?

    We need to make Wynne a refugee.

  • Ho Hum

    I was afraid that this would happen the moment I saw the picture of the drowned boy. Where does the Ontario government plan to house all these “refugees”? There is a ten year waiting list for public housing in Toronto (where most of these Muslims will go to) so where do they plan to house them? In Germany the government is evicting working poor from public housing to make room for 800,000 invaders will Wynne do the same in Ontario?


    • Concerned Canadian

      Somebody should build a wall around Toronto.

    • mauser 98

      yes .. see it coming.. me too

    • jayme

      There is great concern in Ottawa right now the city is pushing to bring many in there comparing it to the boat people at that time Ottawa did bring in 4500 but to make things worse Quebec wants to bring in more and if they do many will end up in Gatineau.

  • mauser 98

    this dyke will be the death of us
    how many million do you want?

  • JoKeR

    Liberals think Canadian seniors should be making room for the newcomers and have a plan!

  • Bernie

    Christians are being slaughtered left and right in the M.E. We are importing Muslim 5th column people who one day will turn against Canadians. Where are all the Christian refugees? Why are we not accepting Christian refugees?