Muslims Pretend To Convert To Christianity To Win Asylum From Western Sucker Nations

For the love of god — or safety — Muslim refugees converting to Christianity in Berlin

Zonoobi, a carpenter from the Iranian city of Shiraz, arrived in Germany with his wife and two children five months ago. He is one of hundreds of mostly Iranian and Afghan asylum seekers who have converted to Christianity at the evangelical Trinity Church in a leafy Berlin neighbourhood.

Like Zonoobi, most say true belief prompted their embrace of Christianity. But there’s no overlooking the fact that the decision will also greatly boost their chances of winning asylum by allowing them to claim they would face persecution if sent home.

  • The Butterfly


  • Gary

    The scam in Canada by these types of taqiyya weasel muslims is to make a Refugee claim that you are fleeing Sharia Laws oppression as a peaceful muslims wanting a better life for the chillllllldren .

    But once in Canada the create the self-segregated muslim ghetto abd demand Sharia Law be obeyed in there “Little- Hell hole ” ( insert Nation or Town they’re from) .
    Many muslims see welfare as Jizya that’s owed to them as sanctioned in the quran ( verse 9:29) as a Head-tax on the unbelievers . The bogus refugees from Somalia in the early 1990’s had created the Welfare alley on Dixon rd and many are STILL on welfare with no plans to be productive.
    We now see how some of the Somali mosques are pumping out Jihadists while the leaders wash their hands of it and blame Canada .

    Regent Park was a $1 billion dollar reno project and is now about 65% muslims that now impose Sharia Law in the Rec Centre pool to dictate when non-muslims can swim there as if the OWN it .

  • This makes it more difficult for legitimate Christian refugees to flee Islamist violence.

    • African

      Western Europeans should publicly and very strictly demand muslims refugees to convert to Christianity and get asylum or return home to wherever they came from. I know this will never happen in any Western country now but in a sound world that would be the RIGHT thing to do.

      • I don’t see why not. If Christians are forced to convert in Islamist countries then surely Muslims can convert to get a comfortable life in the West.

        Quid pro quo, as they say.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I’ll believe this when I see it.

  • tom_billesley

    Coming out as gay will double bank their immunity from deportation.