“ISNA Condemns Terrorism” and other Acts of Legerdemain

The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) presents itself as “an association of Muslim organizations and individuals that provides a common platform for presenting Islam[.]” Leaders of ISNA are accorded access to all levels of government in the United States and are looked to as authorities on Islam and representatives of the Muslim-American community.

But there are two things in particular that need to be remembered about ISNA…

  • ISNA only speaks taqiyya.

  • Gary

    In 2006 I saw how ISNA and CAIR were linked to the MuslmFest in Mississauga where I came across a CAIR endorsed Workshop for Muslims youth to teach them about their quranic duty in Canada for Jihad( soft at first by martyrdom later on) and Dawah .
    There was also a Notation by CAIR’s Sheema Khan that it was legal to donate Zakat for the war effort in Lebanon to support the Widows and Orphans.
    But Khan knew how to word CAIR’s support for muslim Terrorist groups because she failed to mention that the Widow and Orphan’s were created by the Muslims male suicide bombers and terrorist killed during Hezballah’s illegal war on Israel .
    Carolyn Parrish endorsed this event as the MP for that Ward, but when I contacted the Liberal Party and the Media to give them the Internet Links to what I found that was posted in public, nobody cared that an islamic org. with a Charity Status by the CRA was coaching muslims to donate money to support the victims of Hezballah during allahs cause to fight the jews.

    CAIR was also tied to the Maher Arar extortion where he sued canada for $400,000,000.00 to force an Inquiry which helped avoid him going to a Real Court Trial that would have exposed his lies about torture and his vacation in Tunisia as a Syrian draft dodger that fled to Canada to avoid military service.
    The Inquiry is like the others where nobody goes to jail for telling lies , it assumes that everyone is telling the truth, and THAT’S why CAIR’s lawyers coached Maher to ask for $400 million as a threat to sue while demanding an Inquiry to avoid a trial.
    People didn’t understand that the Arar’s Inquiry report was flawed from the start because Arar’s Lawyer set out the limits for what could be reviewed . This meant that Justice O’connor could not look at the facts for why the Arar’s had to flee Canada and that they were living with pro-hamas relatives in Tunisia and NOT on vacation.
    How could someone so traumatized by torture where he asks for $400,000,000.00 to ease the suffering , would accept a $10.2 million pay out just one day before the final Inquiry report was to come out.
    Ask yourself how injured could your neighbour be that fell on your property when they sued you for $400.00 by then just one day before a Judge is to look at the case they settle for $10.20 .

    The Arar’s had recently bashed Harper because Canada would not help them get a Travel VISA to “Vacation” in Said Arabia to expose their children to islam and the Sunni version of it.
    Lest see , you bitch about being harmed while Globe Trotting and chumming around suspected jihadists tied to Al-Qaeda which gets you Tortured in your homeland you fled ……. you get bailed out by the new Host Nation you live in and yet NOW you want to Globe trot again to an misogynistic homophobic Whhabi sharia nation to ” Vacation ” which was how you got in trouble flying alone for Tunisia as a sunni syrian male on a Canadian passport.

    CAIR played us for suckers , and now CAIR has Khadr wanting to sue us as if we forced him to throw a grenade and murder a medic in the battlefield .