Hillary’s Fall Guy Revealed?

Hillary Clinton likely compromised national security in service to what she said in her defense was the level of “convenience” to which she had become accustomed. Her longtime aide, Huma Abedin, also had an email account on Clinton’s server and conducted State Department business on it. She is almost certainly also a target of the federal investigation into Clinton’s email practices as well as her dual roles as both a government employee and private contractor simultaneously. Another trusted Clinton aide, Cheryl Mills, was thetarget of a court injunction after her attorney threatened to destroy the electronic communications remaining in her possession from her time at State. Of the handful of emails Clinton released to the State Department that have been made public, over one hundred have been deemed to have contained classified information. Some are alleged to have contained “Top Secret” information, and it is now clear that some of those sensitive documents originated as sensitive. All of this behavior violates long-established U.S. national security law. Clinton and her aides were involved in what may end up being regarded as a criminal conspiracy. In the coming days, however, it is reasonable to expect the nation’s focus to turn to the true mastermind behind this deceitful affair: Bryan the IT guy.