Blah Blah Blah… Ottawa implored to take urgent action on refugees

If there is political will a country can move mountains in terms of resettling refugees, says Ratna Omidvar, chairperson of Lifeline Syria.

“In every major refugee crisis in the last century it was political will that moved the mountains — to bring the Hungarian refugees in 1956, the Czech refugees in the 1960s, the Ismailis in the 1970s, the Indo-Chinese in the 1980s,” says Omidvar. “In each instance it was political leadership that moved the mountains.”


For starters I suggest it unwise to trust anything from an organization called “Lifeline Syria.”

But foremost the Hungarians, Czechs, Vietnamese etc were not members of  the Islamic cult whose adherent’s wanton slaughter of one another is responsible for this mess.

Canada should not put its citizens at risk by importing the Mid-East’s cult of violence.

Rescue the Christians. Leave the problem children behind.