The awful truth about refugees, people smugglers, and the boy on the beach

Heartless right-wing knuckle-dragger here to take the bullet, in the service of giving you the truth.

As reported this morning by Vanessa Altin, John Hall, Jenny Stanton and Emine Sinmaz in The Daily Mail, Abdullah Kurdi and his family were living safely in Istanbul, Turkey, where there is no war. According to reports, they were originally from Syria. It is not reported when or how they migrated from Syria to Turkey. An aunt in British Columbia claims they were denied asylum to settle in Canada earlier this year.

  • These guys engineered the tragedy of two children’s deaths but that still won’t stop people from beating up on Chris Alexander.

    The knives are always out during an election year.

    • Sane people recognize the truth.

      • They will now.

        One hopes.

      • Maggat

        HDS is a manifestation of insanity.

      • barryjr

        There isn’t enough sanity though.

      • BillyHW

        No woman is less than a 4 crazy.

  • DMB
  • Dana Garcia

    This is the first jihad to be televised and the world hasn’t adjusted yet to the normal collateral damage.

    • It’s really screwing with the Lib Left narrative.

  • downunder sinologist

    We’ve had the drowning ‘boat people’ controversy here in Australia for decades and we know that all is not what it appears or what bleeding hearts say. The latter as we say, lure people to their deaths, by encouraging them to patronise deadly people-smuggling. Often a few innocents are deliberately drowned or near-drowned so others will be ‘rescued’. It is an evil scam which must be stopped at the source. At least by refusing to be manipulated into abandoning objectivity by press photos.

  • Tom Forsythe

    We live in a culture where calling someone a “retard” is a hate crime, but aborting one is an act of “mercy.”

    • andycanuck

      Or killing a lion.

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  • andycanuck

    It’s even worse. There’s video where it turns out the uncle was trying to get to Europe to have free dental work done.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Fix his teess.

  • Why don’t they go to Qatar or Dubai?

  • disqus_aIAk2mFTGn

    So glad I didn’t have kids. No fit place on this earth for them to live.