Syria civil war: Russians filmed fighting alongside President Assad’s forces

Russians have been filmed fighting Syrian rebels alongside President Bashar Assad’s forces, a state-run Damascus television station has reported.

A short video purportedly showed Russian speakers fighting rebels in the Latakia mountains, according to The Times newspaper. One of Russia’s most advanced armoured cars, a BTR-82A, which its army started using last year, was also seen in the footage, firing at rebel positions. The vehicle has night vision and satellite navigation among other modern devices.

  • Exile1981

    Russia has a strong interest in assad staying in power. If he is replaced with a saudi friendly regime then the proposed pipeline from saudi arabia to europe may get built. Assad was against it since Russia doesn’t want competition.

    • Everyone Else

      One of the effects of the drop in oil price is the cost of ocean shipping has drastically dropped. Saudi oil can be shipped anywhere dirt cheap.

    • African

      Since America, Canada and Nato back, arm and fund Saudi Arabia, Turkey, ISIS, Al-nusra and other barbaric islamic jihadists that are fighting Assad it would be natural for Russia to back Assad’s forces who are the better and the more rational side in this war. It would be great if Russia sends some its army and bombers to Assad to safe Syria from Western-backed islamic jihadists.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Obama, Russia and Iran fighting side by side to kill Kurds.

    • Everyone Else

      Why does Russia want to kill Kurds?

  • The Russians have their own problem with Islam.

    They foolishly waste resources in an internal Muslim war among rivals who want the Russians dead.

    • Everyone Else

      Assad and the Alawites aren’t jihadists. The war is jihad (whether shia or sunni) against everyone else.

      • Fran800

        Exactly. Stop looking for the “good rebels”. Assad ran Syria rather well, as good as can be expected in any Muslim state. We do not want “democracy” in any Muslim stage if by that we mean “free and fair elections” because they will always vote in the Muslim Brotherhood or a Shia equivalent — and what’s democratic about that?
        I’m not sure I believe that the Russian army is exactly in Syria. Too much nonsense being written about what “Poootin” is doing. But he is helping Assad, and that is probably with arms.
        Meanwhile “we” (i.e. the West) continue to be puppets of our vile “allies”, the Turks and the Saudis. Are these the democrats we admire?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Another country getting sucked into the donnybrook.

    • Everyone Else

      Whatever Russia is doing isn’t naive.

  • FactsWillOut

    The west and NATO, are part of the anti-Assad faction, thus, once again, like in Libya, Kosovo and the Ivory coast, are taking the side of the jihadists.

  • canminuteman

    If the Russians help Assad win, all the refugees can go home. Syria wasn’t producing millions of refugees when he had a firm grip on the whole country.