Protests Against Teen-aged Boy Using the Girls’ Locker Room

Instead of getting the young man the help he clearly needs, people insist that he trample over the rights of others to make himself feel good:

A transgender teen in Missouri is at the center of a heated debate about her right to change in her high school’s girls’ locker room.

Nearly 200 students walked out of Hillsboro High School on Monday in a protest that lasted two hours.

Lila Perry, the 17-year-old at the center of the debate, reportedly identified as a gay male until she was 13 and publicly came out as transgender in February. She previously used a gender-neutral faculty bathroom but began changing in the girls’ locker room this school year before her physical education class.

Protesters were divided: One side supported Perry’s right to change in the girls’ locker room; the other wants her to continue to use the gender-neutral bathroom.

“It wasn’t too long ago white people were saying, ‘I don’t feel comfortable sharing a bathroom with a black person,’ and history repeats itself,” Perry told Fox News.

(Sidebar: ah, the old race canard…)

  • Martin B

    There you go – if you’re a teenage girl who doesn’t want a guy in a skirt changing in your locker room, you’re just like a Klansman lynching negroes.

  • Alain

    As long as there are male genitals the pronoun is ‘he’, not ‘she’. This is more in-your-face cultural imperialism by an extremely small minority of misfits. The fact that there was actually a “gender neutral” bathroom, but he insisted on using the girls’ shows what this is really about: we intend to make you submit to our radical agenda no matter what.

    • David

      As long as the dna says male its a male, pyjama boy male but male non the less.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Teen aged girls are a pack of psychotic hyenas. One day of this one using their locker room and they will fuck her shit up. Then what?

  • kkruger71

    Easy to see the reports that are advocating rather than presenting by the choice to use the term locker room rather than washroom or bathroom, at least to me. The second being more of a violation of personal space in my mind.

    • Alain

      Sorry but whether it was the locker room or washroom it changes nothing. He did not belong there.

      • kkruger71

        Agreed, but I think using the term locker room is an attempt to minimize the issue.

  • ed

    stay out of the shower girls !!!!!

  • Justin St.Denis

    Dear Perry: Lose the dick and balls, wait for your brand new vagina to heal up, and then try again. It’s only fair you do your share and meet your co-students halfway.