Marx Materializes at the Border

Can unbelievers summon up the devil? Before answering the question, let’s digress.

For many years, the Third World has functioned as the sump of toxic Western ideas. Ideas too dangerous for any sane person to actually try were boldly exported there. Years ago, a Bavarian friend remarked that the most destructive German export of all time was Karl Marx; far more catastrophic in effect than that perennial rival for ideological malpractice, Adolf Hitler.

  • David

    E-mailed this one to a few friends earlier today.

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  • Wow, only one comment! I’ve studied more Marxist literature than I’ve studied anything about the “father of capitalism”, Adam Smith. Studying Marxist literature is what convinced me that Marxism is evil. I used to be able to quote his stuff — verbatim. And my biggest complaint about the the Canadian educational system is that they don’t teach our kids about Marxism. If you want your kids to hate Marxism, and to love free marketeering then let them read Marx, not Smith or Kevin O’Leary!

    Only psychopaths would be attracted to the teachings of Karl Marx (German citizen, but his grave site is in Highgate Cemetery, London England). The Brits are the toothless mangiacake idiots who gave this psychopath his platform, not the Germans.

    And the brainless Brits will be the ones to usher in the post-modern Muslim head-loppers as well…