A Solution to the Migration Crisis

The stories and photographs of migrants attempting to enter Europe is a human tragedy, heartbreaking as people die trying to cross the Mediterranean. On August 27, 2015, over 50 migrants were found dead inside an abandoned truck, a Hungarian registered vehicle, abandoned on a highway in Austria, near the Hungarian border. In April, more than 400 died in a shipwreck in the Mediterranean.

In August, several hundred people were on board a boat that sank off the coast of Libya. So far, more than 2,300 have died while crossing the sea.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    Who is moving them ? How much they charging them ,it looks like a big corporation of thieves with offices in the Middle East, Africa and Asia .

    • T.C.

      Same people who smuggled all those Islamic State recruits into Syria/Iraq. Best solution is to treat them like an invading enemy army (which they are). Give the smugglers and ringleaders a bullet when they step cross a border, and then ship all the illegal aliens back where they came from.

      • Why is so hard for liberal European politicians to understand. If you put dog food on the front porch, expect dogs.

        Europe’s liberal elites have gone out of their way to entice a flood of immigrants. You simply cannot offer free housing, and free money without getting lots of takers.

        This all makes me believe that liberals are somehow unable to see cause and effect. My God, how many non-Europeans can Europe absorb and still be Europe.

        If I wanted a trip to the Middle East, I would go to Cairo or Tunis not Paris or London.

        Liberal Europeans are on a death spiral.

    • tom_billesley

      Turkish police have arrested four Syrian traffickers in connection with the two boats that sank off Kos.

  • “Heartbreaking”?

    • Alex

      My thought too, Avi. I usually like AmericanThinker but when I saw that word I didn’t bother to read the article. Pathetic – so many people just do not (will not?) perceive the threat the West is under from this invasion.

      • k

        Denial is a very POWERFUL psychological PROBLEM

        Denial is the reason for…
        The Jewish people who DID NOT LEAVE GERMANY when all the signs were there= they went to the gas chambers
        It is the reason WHY…
        The British did not act against Hitler until the VERY LAST SECOND and they could have lost!

        I am dealing with this situation personally right now and I can not tell you how strong the FIGHT OF DENIAL is

        Many people would rather live in their enchanted gardens than look at reality

      • G

        This is journalist’s compassion. Cheap words.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Europe is working at its own cross purposes. The media and the politicians wring their hands at the miserable boat people and pictures of dirt and filth and feel bad. The police see it as a criminal enterprise but the higher ups in the government and the media openly want as many of these people to flood in so as to demonstrate to themselves how caring and tolerant they are. The solution is obvious, end ALL border controls everywhere in Europe and the Schengen area, and hire every truck train boat and plane to ship as many people to Europe as is humanly possible. They will no longer suffer on the journey, the criminal gangs will be put out of business and the thought leaders and senior politicians will get the adulation they so desperately need. European governments and NGOs should be spending every last Euro to move millions upon millions of these people into Europe to live wherever they want to go, for free, to live for free unto the 10th generation. In fact they could put millions of out of work Europeans to work doing the logistics of it.

    • Maurixio Garciasanchez

      The best lesson will be wait for them to arrived and load up another ship and send them back to the place where they come from .

  • Dana Garcia

    Why should Islo-nations step up and rescue fellow choppers, as the article suggests, when stupid Europeans are willing to do the job?

  • pdxnag

    Just say no.

  • DVult

    Stop the boats, execute the crew, return the passengers to wherever they came from then sink the ships. Go after the people organizing this. For those coming by foot – return them to their countries of origin at the point as far removed from us as possible.

  • Everyone Else

    Why should the oil-rich Muslim countries take in refugees now when they didn’t take a single so-called Palestinian refugee. We are humanitarian, they aren’t. They don’t do anything for which they don’t get direct benefit. There’s no golden rule in Islam.

  • BitterClinger

    Not heartbreaking. Uplifting. Dead invader koranimals makes my heart sing!

  • G

    Who indeed? I’m sure that many are moved by small operations but I’m sure there are some major players as well.

    I find it impossible to believe that our intelligence agencies don’t have a clue.
    They have probably reported the facts to our governments several times only to be ignored. On the occasions when someone goes to the press it’s always “not newsworthy”