The “Naqba” Was no Holocaust – Far From It.

An event planned for September 7th in Jerusalem has caused an uproar among pro-Israel organizations for its underhanded goals: It continues the mendacious trend of delegitimizing the State of Israel and its founding by furthering the myth of the ‘Nakba’ and minimalizes the tragedy and horrors of the Holocaust by seeking to equate the ‘Nakba’ myth with the Holocaust.

The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute has announced an evening program to mark the publication of their book “The Holocaust and the Nakba – Memory, National Identity and Jewish-Arab Partnership”, which ““invites the readers to think of ways to remember and discuss the Holocaust and the Nakba together, and investigate the possibility of such combined thought – not because the events are identical or even similar, but because they are both traumatic and identity-constructing. The Nakba and the Holocaust both molded the two peoples’ destinies and identities, albeit in totally different ways.”