Texas police shoot dead man holding his hands in the air

Gilbert Flores, from his name and pictures latino.

Here’s the local Sheriff’s Office making a frankly despicable and idiotic attempt to scapegoat the local news station for reporting the news.

“Today, members of our local media chose to broadcast online unedited video of a man’s death. (In fact they didn’t broadcast the shooting – ed.) KSAT 12 paid a neighbor who filmed the tragedy $100 for the exclusive rights to the video. (He really could have held out for a bit more than that – ed.) As a result, people from outside our community (100% of the messages came from outside your “community”? – ed.) have bombarded us with inappropriate comments, (the nerve! – ed.) and today, physical threats toward our deputies. These deputies have not been charged with a crime (This could be part of what has people upset, not that there’s been time anyway – ed.) and a family lost their loved one. (Because your cops executed him – ed.) This is unethical and sad. Call KSAT (But presumably only if you live in the immediate “community” – ed.) and let them know what you think – (210) 351-1277. (But don’t ever call the cops and let them know what you think. That’s harassment – ed.) If you agree, let the local media know this sort of sensational (sic, presumably) behavior doesn’t fly in Bexar County. (You’re really not in a position to be preening yourselves on the moral high ground here – ed.)”