Teenager up on manslaughter charges for persuading her boyfriend to commit suicide

Another time, she texted: “You can’t keep pushing it off, though. That’s all you keep doing.”8016571_G[1]

Carter was insistent, even when Roy steered the topic to other things:

ROY: How was your day?

CARTER: When are you doing it?

Roy said he was having a good day, but Carter wasn’t satisfied.

CARTER: Really?

ROY: Yes.

CARTER: That’s great. What did you do?

ROY: Ended up going to work for a little bit and then just looked stuff up.

CARTER: When are you gonna do it? Stop ignoring the question???

…After his death, Carter became a self-proclaimed advocate for mental health.

She organized a fundraising tournament in Roy’s memory and posted on Facebook and Twitter about her attempts to save her boyfriend’s life.

“Even though I could not save my boyfriend’s life, I want to put myself out here to try to save as many other lives as possible,” she wrote on Facebook.

Creepy bitch.  Pretty sure she’s one of these. h/t Ace of Spades HQ

  • WalterBannon

    she should be forced to commit suicide too

  • Blind Druid

    Makes a pretty strong case for MGTOW, eh fellas?

    • canminuteman

      Yeah, but you can protect yourself by ditching the crazy ones as soon as the signs appear.

  • lolwut?
  • Alex

    Wow – with friends like these …. She wanted him dead (to state the obvious) as to why, perhaps because she expected to get some sort of power high from it. Who knows?

    But even if one accepts (and I certainly don’t) that she truly believed that his suicide would somehow be a positive for him, she cynically uses his death for her own purposes. After pressuring him to do it, she then goes on about what a tragedy it was, and that she couldn’t save him (a lie – she didn’t try). But being the altruistic, caring type she would (sniff, sniff) try to help others to avoid her “boyfriend’s” sad fate. (Who would want this creepy b’s “help”?) So, this post-death stuff is either an effort to protect herself from the charges she’s facing or, more likely, about being the center of attention, and her image. Can you spell “self-absorbed”, boys and girls?

    Anyway, I hope she ends in prison for this, but I’m afraid she’ll get off.

    • canminuteman

      I agree with your analysis, the chick be crazy.

  • G

    The defence lawyer’ strategy? Blame the dead kid. —- Always classy these lawyers.

    That’s a very vigorous defence you are pursuing. You must be charging a fortune.
    How’s she paying her legal bills counsellor? With her babysitting money no doubt?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Textbook sociopath.

    • Exile1981

      She has the creepy eyes going for her.