Senior Citizen in Edmonton Fights Against Canada Post

Ken Pudetz is staging a sit-in against Canada Post.

Alone. In his own front yard.

The 76-year old is upset – he says he’s too old to get angry – about a decision to put a community mailbox in front of his Mill Woods home.

On Saturday, he went out for groceries and came home to find a huge hole dug by an excavator. On either side of the hole, there were mounds of dirt.

Canada Post plans to install the mailbox within three weeks.

Pudetz plans to fight back.

It took him five hours to shovel the dirt back into the hole. He spread cardboard over top, calling the hole a safety hazard. 

Pudetz said he phoned the mayor and someone there told him: “Well, gee whiz, we can’t do anything. Because Canada Post has special exemptions from the law.

“I voted for the mayor and the councilmen to represent me in this city,” he said, “to protect my rights from bullies.”

He admits he doesn’t actually own the piece of property where the mailbox will go. That first few feet off the sidewalk belong to the city.

But he’s the one who will have to shovel the snow so people can get their mail.