Pope Francis tells priests to pardon women who have abortions

Pope Francis has decreed that Catholic women who have had abortions can be pardoned by their priests – but only for the duration of a special “year of mercy”, which will last from December until next November.

Women can be absolved of the “sin of abortion” if they seek forgiveness with a “contrite heart,” the Argentinean pontiff said, as the Vatican prepares for the start of the Holy Year of Mercy on Dec 8.

  • Ed

    We can be sure the Cardinals will be more careful before announcing the next pope…

  • Dana Garcia

    Pew has an interesting poll just out about catholics in US. Nothing like a pope tour to stir up some attention.


  • Frances

    His decision is a lot more nuanced than the headline would suggest. And why should abortion be the one unpardonable sin anyway? Particularly as the father of the child faces no consequences.

  • As much as I dislike this Pope, this seems like a big nothing to me. Anyway, isn’t the notion that God forgives sins? It’s not ultimately down to the priest or the bishop. Is there a list of sins that have to go through a bishop to get written off? Weird.

    He’s not endorsing abortion.

    • Alain

      I agree and as much as I find this pope ridiculous, this is nothing new. It was always the case well before the present pope.

  • Everyone Else

    … nothing to do with the USA election cycle and planned parenthood videos

    … nothing to see here, move along