Obama wins on Iran deal despite opposition from Republicans, some Democrats

Obama beats Congress on the Iran deal, and that is bad news.

  • Shebel

    Does this mean that I am getting the ‘boot’ from here also ?

  • Justin St.Denis

    I have come to believe that Obama is genuinely evil. At the very least, Obama stands as an excellent proof that genuine evil exists and can be incarnated. Hence, the other side of that coin…

    • Obama is a madrassa trained Muslim.

      Islam is evil.

      Obama is doing what he cat to help the spread of Islam – like a good Muslim.

      And also like a good Muslim he uses taqiyya (religious deception) to fool the infidels.

  • 33-34 votes ain’t any victory. But Hussein gotta aid his Muslim pals in Iran.

    • sallyjphillipsd

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  • luna

    Allah is pleased. The Iranians are preparing a special thank you gift for U.S.