Manhunt Begins After Massachusetts Gunman Opens Fire On Police Cruiser – Officer Shot at 3 Times…

Sketchy details so far.  A gunman in/around Millis Massachusetts opened fire on a police cruiser.  The police car caught fire, exploded. Report officer shot at 3 times.  Cruiser crashed. No details on the officer’s condition. Suspect: white male in maroon pick-up truck.    h/t Doo Da Daze

  • Gary

    Thank you Obama , you incited these cop-killers by your hatred for the USA which is because you want chaos and race wars to justify a State Police ( gestapo) , you jump top call any crime to muslims as hate-crimes and yet jihad slaughters to non-muslims is Workplace violence where several Folks were victims of random violence .

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  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Obama smiles

  • Brett_McS

    Details still sketchy. Maybe it’s a maroon man driving a white pickup?