Hillary-Sidney Emails Herald Demise of a Pro-Israel Democratic Party

The latest batch of Hillary Clinton emails to be released is being scoured for classified information today. While the Clinton camp is taking solace in the fact that there was no “Top Secret” data in these communications, the large number of emails with classified information is just drawing more attention to the former secretary of state’s allergy to transparency and doing her presidential candidacy no end of harm. But there is more to be learned here than a reaffirmation of what we already knew about the Clintons’ passion for secrecy. The treasure trove of information about her work at the state department also gives us an inside view of her close relationship with Sidney Blumenthal. We already knew that Blumenthal’s role in Hillary’s life illustrated the conflicts of interest created by the Clinton Family Foundation since he was, at one and the same time, a paid consultant by the so-called charity, seeking business opportunities in Libya while also operating as an adviser to the secretary about topics in which he had a vested interest. But what wasn’t clear until today was the extent to which the person whom she has publicly described as a close personal friend was counseling her to distance herself from pro-Israel groups and filling up her email account with anti-Zionist and other left-wing screeds by his son Max that she had printed out for further reading. The Blumenthal-Clinton correspondence is notable for many reasons but principally because it gives us a window into the sorts of conversations that would go on inside a Hillary Clinton White House.

  • David Murrell

    I remember as a younger man reading Sidney Blumenthal’s dreary, eye-glazing columns in the liberal-left TIME magazine. Here is a neutral, factual piece in Wiki about this rather unsavory character:

  • I assume the Blumenthals are Jews. Therefore they are self-hating Jews, that is Jews so uncomfortable with their Jewishness at birth that they pass their life trying to erase it through anti-Jewish activities. Sick people.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      They hate Jews, but I doubt if they hate themselves.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    This connection is bound to become an issue in Hillary’s campaign if she survives the email scandal. She will try to tap dance around it.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Terms like self hate aren’t particularly useful. Collaborator is more apt. Chaim Rumkowsky was a Nazi collaborator for example. This is what the Democratic Jews are. Similarly “Jews” like Glenn Greenwald aren’t self hating, they simply are collaborators. They openly espouse Nazi thoughts and goals. That their parents were nominally Jewish making them nominally Jews is of absolutely no consequence at all. I’m a deep analysis of the ancestry of prominent German Nazis would uncover that some of them had Jewish ancestry they themselves were aware of and covered up. People can’t do that as easily now. Internet and whatnot. So they go along with not trying to cover it up.

  • Everyone Else

    fuck you commentary magazine always the first with yesterday’s news

    apparently you just discovered that blumenthal is a clinton insider

    the rest of the universe knew it years ago, but you commentary magazine, never had the balls to say anything

    • David Murrell

      I completely disagree. “Commentary” is what it says it is, a magazine that comments on issues. It doesn’t do investigative reporting. And using the word “f***” against a conservative Jewish magazine says more about you than your intended target. Btw, are you an anti-Semite?

      • Everyone Else

        1. It didn’t require investigation to know that Blumenthal was a Clinton insider.

        2. Commentary should have been attacking this affiliation years ago.

        2. A swear word indicates annoyance not political belief.

        3. Commentary is liberal not conservative.

        4. Criticizing Commentary’s self-righteous posturing after the horse has fled the barn is not anti-Semitism.

        5. Bringing up anti-Semitism with such a flimsy pretext weakens the use of the term.

        6. It’s good for Commentary Magazine to be brought to task for lazy writing.