Belgium to collect data on travellers of planes, trains and ferries

Belgium has announced controversial plans to collect information on all passengers of airlines, as well as cross-border trains and ferries, in the wake of the foiled attack on a train running between Brussels and Paris.

  • eMan14

    Isn’t collecting data on those traveling on ferries homophobic?

  • canminuteman

    This is another one of the blessings of multiculturalism. We didn’t need to live in prisons to keep us safe in the past. I don’t like the idea but I think it is necessary. How many gunners and bombers are we prepared to accept to keep our freedom? It would be easier to deport all the foreigners but that’s never going to happen.

  • Gary

    Just offer food on 1 train car , make it Halal to then be a Muslim-only car , problem solved as the Jihadist that claims he needs money for food will have to slaughter fellow muslims to prove it was from poverty and not the quran.