Latest Hillary Email Dump Contains Classified, Unclassified Content

Last night the State Department released 7,121 pages of emails pulled from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s personal server. 125 of those messages released contain information now “upgraded” to classified status…

  • Ron MacDonald

    The dumb excuses she has used is proof positive she lacks the intellect to be President of the United States.

    • Seriously, she is dishonest to her core.

      • Quit all the worthless red herring excuses.

        Why the hell did she not use the proper email service? She knew what she was supposed to do. The job was Secretary of State for the World’s foremost power.

        She is a lying incompetent bimbo. She gives all bimbos a bad name.

        • ThomasB

          I think it was simply sheer arrogance on her part, arrogance that had reached a point where it became blindness: Rules are for lesser people, but not for her. The thought that she would be caught or called out on her actions probably didn’t even enter her bloated head (“they wouldn’t dare!”)

          • Minicapt

            That attitude was with when she worked on Sen Ervins’ Investigative Committee in 1973.


  • mauser 98


    any real dirt has been scrubbed

  • WalterBannon

    she belongs in prison

  • simus1

    The important material on her server would be the “classification not yet completed” stuff which is not the innocuous unclassified pablum the MSM would be telling everyone it is. If how she came into possession of such extremely sensitive material is never laid bare, she should end her days scrubbing floors in the Fort Leavenworth stockade along with that other he/she traitor.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Meanwhile, the FBI and the Justice Department are patiently compiling their dossiers.
    No less than Judge Jeanine has opined that both Attorney General Lynch and FBI director Comey are honest and impartial based on her personal knowledge of them.

    • simus1

      Well, that’s a relief!

  • mauser 98

    as Rush has been saying for months now..where are the indictments? where is the GOP? not one Republican will say boo….nothing..nothing will happen

    • simus1

      “Speaking of sharing, General, here’s my card with my barber and tailor addresses and phone numbers. Ask for appointments that overlap mine.”