‘It’s a Heaven or Hell decision’: Kentucky clerk who is defying Supreme Court and refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses WON’T back down in the face of angry protests

The defiant Kentucky clerk who is refusing to issue marriage licenses despite a Supreme Court ruling against her says she won’t resign or violate her religious beliefs about same-sex couples.

Kim Davis finally broke her silence Tuesday, saying in a statement that despite calls for her to step down, she has done her job in Rowan County well.

But she says that issuing marriage licenses to gay couples would ‘violate my conscience,’ adding that to her it is ‘a Heaven or Hell decision.’

Davis insisted that it is not a ‘gay or lesbian issue,’ but rather a First Amendment issue concerning her religious liberty.

  • Clink9

    Obama supported traditional marriage before getting elected.

    Could it be he’s changed his mind?

    • Gary

      I remember when the GayStopo Pink-shirts hounded Mozilla until the CEO was forced out of his positions just because he didn’t support same-gender marriage back in 2009 which Hillary and Obama had also held that view.
      The homofascists are just a small group close to about 1% of the total population , yet their Nazi like tactic work well along with the financial terrorism to ruin live or Businesses from threats.
      But they will rue the day the stayed quiet over ISIS tossing gays from roof tops or how hamas kills gays in public while iran hangs them .
      No sir , the real crisis on earth for gays is having Pizza are their wedding , but one day they’ll have to eat quickly before they slam into the side walk from the 30th floor of a building as the islamist toss them off.
      They have screwed over so many groups among the 97% of the population that when the islamists in the USA start to bomb gays bars and behead queers in public , few people will care and see this as the Rainbow fascists getting their Just Desserts.

      • Yes, just deserts. An evil lot.

  • Gary

    I chose to quit my employment at the Bank Of Montreal when they brought in the BMO-Pride policy that made it part of the Employment Contract to be expected to endorse morally and financially gay causes such as the PRIDE parade in Torotno that had 2 pro-hamas groups in it and the overt nudity by males in public which is a crime and seen as peodphilia by some Child Advocate groups .
    The geniuses in the Board Room at BMO don’t seem to know that child-abuse is a crime in Canada, nor do they know that hamas brutally murders gays in gaza via Sharia Law that sanctions it.

    The Lawyer’s for BMO accepted my Letter and didn’t contest may claims to see if they were appearing as Pro Child-abuse and condoning the murdering of gays so they could modify their BMO-PRIDE Policy and clarify to their Customers and Share Holders that they support the PRIDE parade as an event , but don’t endorse some of the actions by a few people in the parade.
    BMO blindly accepted hamas as a benevolent group fighting for human rights, they also treated my claims of overt nudity on Yonge st by males as fabricated and rantings from a malcontent trouble making employee.

    The Human Rights commission sided with BMO and told me my issue was a legal matter under Employment Law , seems that since the murdering of gays and Child-abuse was not a direct affect in the workplace to hamper my duties it would something for the Ministry Of labour.
    Good Luck with that since we have a Lesbian running the Province and the new homoerotic sex-ed in the public schools for little kids which is also child-abuse.

    Don’t get me wrong , I’m not denying the Executives at BMO the right to support pedophilia or murdering gays . I just don’t want to be complicit one day in some retroactive UN round-up or SCOC ruling once they take child-abuse seriously and force the Police to stop it.

    My Complaint under the labour laws is better to make it a Civil Suit for damages to expose how the Banks have sold-out children and pretend to defend gay rights while supporting events where hamas is promoted.
    The fact that BMO accepted my choice to quit , it infers they condone and agree with the child-abuse and Sharia law sanctioning of murdering gays to please allah.

    • mauser 98

      ..Child sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers
      “Reporters witnessed a rapid increase in prostitution in Cambodia, Mozambique,[citation needed] Bosnia, and Kosovo after UN and, in the case of the latter two, NATO peacekeeping forces moved in”


      • asooph8pah4

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    • FactsWillOut

      Good job. I quit a union job when the union started sending political newsletters asking for more gun control.

    • Justin St.Denis

      I pulled out of ScotiaBank when they named some gay activist as its Communications Director. I had been shown pictures of this little freak on a Toronto Gay Pride float in a silvery blue speedo squeezing his chubby and dancing around circa 2006. A business colleague shared the info with me, and his assurance that the little fruit was also dumb as a bag of hammers. I took his advice, pulled out of ScotiaBank a few years back and started using the services of another financial institution. I have watched this little dude make public pronouncements on behalf of his employer. I have never regretted my decision and have shared this information with most of my colleagues.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    I agree with her , lesbians and gays should have their own justice system , so they can get married as many times as they want .

    • BillyHW

      You just want to marry your donkey, don’t you Maurixio?

      • Justin St.Denis

        The donkey has filed for refugee status in order to get away. “I will not spend my life tethered to a stupid lump,” the donkey allegedly brayed as she stamped her hoofprint on the application papers.

        • BillyHW

          I hope our immigration bureaucrats can recognize a true refugee when they see one.

  • G

    But…but …but the supreme court said you HAVE TO! So you must!

    As everyone knows when supreme courts tells the tides to cease they stop and when the supreme court tells the sun to pass backwards through the sky, it does.

    Don’t you know judges are all knowing all compassionate superbeings who are just simply wiser and better than mere mortals?
    How dare you disrespect your betters!

    (The supreme court can go fuck itself)

    • Alain

      For some reason I cannot find in the American separation of powers where marriage is federal jurisdiction.

  • G

    When all the TV media assholes are inside lending their support to their fag & lesbo masters someone should set their vans on fire.

  • Good for her.

  • The faggots and the dykes won’t rest until every person like Kim Davis is fired and jailed. If the process is not quick enough, they may start shooting them, as the the fat black faggy guy did to the two reporters. And a big part of America is still sleeping…

  • Yes, it is a heaven or hell issue. Yes, it is a First amendment issue. Madam, you’re a great American.

  • Allan

    Apparently she’s been divorced 4 times and had twins out of wedlock. Christian principles must have changed since I was a kid.