Is Mohammed Fahmy’s sentencing as easy to undo as Opposition leaders naively believe?

It’s a cause célèbre these days trying to get Mohammed Fahmy out of an Egyptian jail.

  • Chris

    The only time the government should help out a Canadian citizen who is incarcerated in a foreign country is when there is proof they are being set up, otherwise the old saying applies “if you do the crime be prepared to do the time”.

    • Gary

      We got burned by the pro-hezballah people in Lebanon that wanted us to bail them out one the war started.
      Some 14,000 said they were Canadians on Vacation and they dusted off their passports.
      Dan McTeague demanded we rescue these Canadians even when it costed the taxpayers about $85,000,000.00 .
      Guess what , many landed in Montreal and made a ” refugee ” claims for the welfare and housing while others were just in time for a jew-hating protest march in Montreal which several march in .
      Once the war died down in Lebanon by the muslims savages , there were 9,000 of these ” Canadians” that chose to go back for their Vacation in Lebanon . Not a word from Dan McTeague over the scam and how Taxpayers got screwed for over $60,000,000.00 by these weasels and liars.
      But hey , Liberals starting driving up the national debt in the mid 1970’s that costed us big money in the early 1980’s under Trudeau when Interest rates to borrow more money were around 18% .
      Yes they are all guilty as our debt is now over $600,000,000,000.00 and growing , but Wynne and McGuilty took Ontario’s $155 billion and made it close to $300 billion while Wynne goes into debt by $20 billion each year with no plan to stop over spending .

  • edlancey

    If Fahmy were in a third country (ie one where he isn’t a national and didn’t enter on that country’s passport) then wasting some diplomatic goodwill on him might be worthwhile.

    However, the tub of lard (who gets fatter in Egyptian prisons?) should stfu and do his time.

    • Fran800

      Agreed. If someone has citizenship in two countries and if he is in one of those two countries, then he has no business asking the government of the other country to help him out.
      Another point, people nowadays seem to think you can just “give up” that citizenship. Well, he can give up Canadian citizenship if he wants. Canadian citizenship is now “civic” citizenship divorced from ethnicity, religion or other identifying loyalties, family or historical connection, etc. (although strangely if you are born on Canadian soil by a passing tourist you are a Canadian for life). But most countries still tie citizenship to something meaningful like ethnicity, birth, family, etc. There is no way Egypt is going to let him say “Oh, I give up my Egyptian citizenship. From now on the only one that counts is Canadian.” Of course, he is willing to use his Egyptian connections for personal gain and advantage.
      During the Cold Way, many people who came or whose parents or grandparents came from the territory of the Soviet Union did not go there even to visit relatives because they would immediately have been claimed as Soviet citizens and that could lead to problems for them that Canadian or American consulates could do nothing about.

    • Gary

      He used his Egyptian Citizenship to get into the Country, but once in trouble he pulled out his Canadian passport and claimed he was a Journalist as if these are a Protected Class of people.

      As soon as I saw Ezra interview Ellin Bessner which was crusading for his release as a “Canadian” citizen, I knew the media spin was in full speed mode .
      Ellin didn’t seem to go on TV when the female Journalist from Canada was jailed and tortured in Iran and died there .
      Oh wait , she wasn’t an anti-west jew-hater that supported hamas .

      These are the same types that stayed quiet when Liberals did little for Omar Khadr and Williams Samson who was in a saudi jail being tortured for offending allah.
      Hmmmm, how odd , a Non-Liberal is now the PM and suddenly they care about islamists.

  • Mark

    In theory, yes it should be that simple. Canada gives millions to Egypt in ‘aid’ every year. If Fahmy was worth saving we could simply withhold that money until he’s released. Money speaks. However, I’m not sure Fahmy deserves that level of intervention, or any at all really. And of course should Harper stop any payments, the same people complaining about his lack of action would bitch and moan about that course of action. They don’t care about Fahmy, they just use him as the new club to beat the PM with.

  • G

    First off I simply don’t give a rat’s ass whether this guy rots for the rest of his life in prison.

    Like everybody else I never heard of this twit before he made headlines.

    Secondly, the members of the opposition don’t care about him either. They just need a prop to show how “Harper doesn’t care about minorities”.

  • cmh

    fahmy is mb scum,….he should have been secretly executed while out on bail last month

  • Cheryl

    All there is to say about this is “Canadian citizen of convenience”. Don’t Canadians understand this? You have to wonder, are we really that stupid? I shake my head every time anything like this comes up and the government is expected to bail these idiots out. You come to Canada and then go back to your birth country and get into trouble please except the punishment and quit complaining.

  • Gary

    This is another scam to rescue muslims that used our Passports to globe trot and cause trouble while expecting we must bail out their sorry a$$.

    This liar and weasel will do what Maher Arar did when he gets back , he will get those anti-west muslims lawyers to Sue Canada for fake torture claims and ask for $400,000,000.00 ( as arar did ) to extort a nice $10 million plus pay-off to shut up as Arar did.

    Omar Khadr is now suing us , and this Lawsfare by this terrorist scum goes right back to the Liberals when Chretien bailed out Daddy Dearest Khadr when he was caught as a Jihadist terrorists by the pakistani Military.

    A vote for Justin is a vote for more of these traitors and parasites that hate Canada but love our welfare and legal system so they don’t have to work .