Iran nuclear deal poised to go ahead after key Democratic votes secured

The Iranian nuclear deal is poised to clear remaining political hurdles in Washington after key Senate Democrats indicated there was now enough support in Congress for Barack Obama to withstand any Republican-led effort to block it.

Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, regarded as a critical swing vote, became the 32nd Democrat to declare his support on Tuesday for the deal, which will ease sanctions on Iran in exchange for steps aimed at preventing it from developing a nuclear weapon.

“I believe that this is better for our security and better for Israel’s security, without a doubt, short term and long term,” Casey said in an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer.

  • Martin B

    So Schmuck Schumer didn’t save the day after all. Jeez what a surprise.

  • luna

    Please explain how it is good for our security to make funds and trade available to the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world, whose leaders chant “death to America”, and whose military is developing nuclear weapons and delivery systems?

    Don’t tell me about inspections either, since (a) there won’t be snap inspections by outside observers, and (b) inspections have a short sunset provision, after which the Islamic republic of Iran will have obtained full legitimacy without having earned it.

    • Beats me Luna but all the smart people say it’s as good a deal as it gets.

      Me? I’ll let history judge.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Wait until they try and get re-elected.

  • bob e

    nothing like high treason. accepting money from foreign govts .. no bottom to the
    shithole the US has become. This is AFTER electing a republican senate & congress to set things right .. not much time left folks .

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  • bob e

    why did they have to have a deal at all .. ?? did things change from 79 other than
    iran making killer IED’s that killed more US soldiers than anything in theater ..

  • bob e

    so with a 150 BILLION the iranians can buy some high tech weapons from the chinese. which are copies of our best stuff that bill clinton sold to china to finance
    his 2nd presidential campain. Look at all the new satellites, aircraft carrier, jet planes, iran can choose from the newly operational weapons inventory & trade some oil for it.

  • BillyHW

    Why is Bob Casey always Satan’s last required vote?

  • Predictable – those who gave us Obama are bound to force upon us Obama’s policies too.

  • Blind Druid

    I’m amazed my comment at the CBC got thru.

    “Iran has already stated that they will refuse inspections. Looks like Mossad are going to be very busy with covert ops. This comment will be modded by the BDS crowd at the Ceeb.”

    • Blind Druid

      Nope – it got flagged after about 4 hours. It’s gone.