High School Students Protest Guy Using Girl’s Bathroom

Hundreds of students marched out of a Hillsboro, Missouri high school Monday to protest the use of the girl’s restrooms by a transgender student.

Around 200 students at Hillsboro High School who feel the use of the girl’s bathroom and locker room by a student born male is not appropriate left the school for a two-hour protest.

  • Martin B

    And they say kids today have no common sense. Turns out they have a lot more of it than their adult “educators”.

    • David Murrell

      It’s great to see spontaneous demos like this, against outrages like born-males using the girls’ bathroom. This is akin to, in Word War I, ordinary soldiers mutinying instead of attacking well-entrenched lines, against the orders of stupid generals. Today we need these types of spontaneous demos.

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      • Blind Druid

        Yep. I’m just finishing Follett’s “Fall Of Giants”. This is also why governments fear an armed populace, and so on —

    • It gives you hope;)

      • Justin St.Denis

        Makes me want to hand out sweets and ululate like they do in “Palestine”.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Did you see “her”. She looks like a young Hispanic drug dealer with a wig on. Don’t mean to be harsh but….

      Also, if “she” has a dick, then “she” should be using the facilities provided for those born with dicks, otherwise knows as boys.

    • Alain

      When it comes to basic biology you bet they do, and it is good to see them refusing to play along.

  • ontario john

    All 200 students must be homophobic. I’m glad we have Wynne’s sex perversion course here to properly train the kiddies.

  • canminuteman

    Obviously all the effort spent on re-education isn’t paying off the way they thought it would. Some of the kids can still think!!

  • Blacksmith

    This is most excellent news from my home state, now if we can just get the kids closer to the big cities to do the same then we are making progress. Hillsboro is outside of the greater metro area of St Louis.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Don’t give an inch.

  • G

    Have some local boyfriends of the girls who use that bathroom take him out behind the school where there aren’t any cameras and …..”protest” until his nose breaks and his teeth fall out.

  • Carlos_Perera

    The irony is that the same people who push for allowing biologically male “transgenders” to use the girls’ restroom are constantly blathering about creating “safe spaces” on college campuses and other politically correct venues.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    If this freak got his ass kicked for being a freak, he wouldn’t be a freak anymore.
    I know
    “mind: BLOWN!”

  • Allan

    I’m trying, really I am but, ewwwwwww.

  • Frances

    I do not care what it thinks it is: if it has “wedding tackle” then it uses the men’s/boys’ washroom. Conversely, if it does not have said appendages, it uses the women’s/girls washroom. Real simple.

  • tom_billesley

    I guess they’ll be installing urinals in the girls’ restrooms.