Half of Canadian voters undecided: poll

Few Canadians made up their minds in the first 31 days of the federal election campaign, and the three-way race is still wide open. Half of Canadians are still willing to consider voting for any of two or more parties.

There have been tours, rallies, announcements, commercials and even a leaders’ debate, but all that hasn’t clinched many votes over the course of August. All three major parties remain in a statistical tie – but there’s plenty of potential for the race to swing wildly in the seven weeks before the Oct. 19 vote.

  • tom_billesley

    I think a lot of pople will have made their mind up, but don’t feel obliged to be frank when asked by pollsters.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      That’s part of it.
      I also think some people lie to pollsters to skew the polls or keep from being bothered.

      • Alain

        Bingo. In general it has to do with the questions asked.

  • WalterBannon

    I am going to be laughing at the stupid leftists, from a tax haven beach in a few years, as their glorious anti-Semite Marxist future unfolds…. with no manufacturing base, no resource revenue, and no people like me to tax anymore.

    • Gary

      Paul Martin already has his $$$ millions hidden outside of Canada , that was even back when he was the Finance Minister and a Liberal telling us how important it is for all of us to pay taxes the make Canada great for our Social programs and FREE health care.

      The STAR and CBC went after Rob Ford over a mere $2500.00 donations to his Football program for mostly Black teens to keep the out of Crime and drug dealing .
      Liberals like Smithermen, Wynne and McGuinty pi$$ away Billions and get linked to possible crimes and Election fraud …..yet the Media give THEM a pass just as they did for Light Fingers Svend Robinson when he stole a $60,000.00 ring and denied it for 2 days until the video evidence nailed him.
      Svend tried to blame it on stress from all the homophobia in Canada, but when that failed he was coached to use the ” mental Illness” excuse .

      • Surele Surele

        just to be precise; when Svend says he has a mental illness, I tend to believe him.

        • Justin St.Denis

          Not me. Because Svend, if he was being honest and forthright, would need to specify that he has numerous mental illnesses/syndromes/conditions. 😉

          • Surele Surele

            One big umbrella of illnesses?

  • DD_Austin

    I’ m decided

    It makes no difference who the “manager” of this k mart country is, cause he ain’t in charge, he’s the front guy who hears the customer compliants he hires/appoints who runs the hardware/immigrantion department, and he makes the small, very small decisions, Head office makes the real decisions, and we aren’t head office, head office is the ones writing the big cheques to the various parties, and again that isn’t us. We get exactly the same government, same polices, same crap whether it’s PC* or lib, minority or majority* and that because head office may give it’s customers the right to vote, but it isn’t giving them the right to decide anything.

    I’ve decided i’m no longer going to rubberstamp this corrupt crap by voting for free cause high voter turn out only makes the “government ” legitimate, best thing that could happen is we have 15% turnout

    * Harper finally gets a majority, and does nothing with it.

    As for polls, they want my opinion, they can pay me for it, same goes for
    my vote, it;s also for sale, no free lunch anymore.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Have you considered Iceland?

      • DD_Austin

        Have you considered Australia?


        You should

        • Justin St.Denis

          I’ll be sure to use the (sarc) thing with you next time, Skippy. I hadn’t pinned you for the “trigger warning” type.

          • DD_Austin

            I’d sure everyone will appreciate that, one expects mocking
            and biting commentary in sarcasm, whereas yours just seems
            to “bite”

          • Justin St.Denis

            Or maybe you don’t understand nuance, or are a trifle thin-skinned. No harm done. Hope the boo-boo heals quickly. 😉

    • No, that’s bad judgment, DD_Austin. A bit better is better than a lot worse and much much worse. Use your vote, even if its power is tiny and vote for Harper. Forget the sweeping generalizations and do your bit. That’s Democracy – it is still an irreplaceable value and by using it you support it. Vote PC.

      • DD_Austin

        While i appreciate your intent, that stance only was viable before
        Harper got a majority, his inaction and government business as usual prove that is not the case

        I’m convinced that course of action only serves to perpetuate the current system of “democracy” which is really a plutocracy

        • Even if there is some truth to what you say, the fact remains that not to vote for Harper effectively increases the chances of the NDP or Libs getting in. It’s simple game theory calculation. And these two would be much worse on all fronts – immigration, pandering to Muslims and homos, etc.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Has anyone else noticed how the Canadian MSM wring the life out of Canadian electoral coverage with obscenely biased yet ultimately boring coverage thereof? Yet those same Canadian MSM journalists bring a measure of verve to their biased, hateful coverage of the American Republican primaries that is at least mildly entertaining (though it does leave a trail of slime that you have to mop up afterwards). Funny, huh?

  • Edubeat

    Vote for the Rhinocerous Party who chose the animal as there symbol b/c like politicians it is gray, dull-witted and leaves its spoor everywhere.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    And sooner Pamela Wallin is going be charge with fraud , that’s going be cool , Harper will get more votes .

  • Vote for Harper, even if he sucks on immigration. He is the least problematic, being better in all other respects. Don’t waste your vote and regret it.

  • Clausewitz

    Sitting around at the local watering hole tonight I pitched my plan for making the idiots who voted in Wynne, the NP in Alberta, and yes God forbid if the shiny pony or Tommie the Commie gets elected. There should be an accounting of the party you voted for, and if said party runs up a deficit, for every billion dollars over budget, the people who voted in the party in power will be assessed an extra 1%, on the federal or provincial income tax. The fools who voted in Wynne would be responsible for the damage they are doing to the province to the tune of about an extra 20% on their provincial tax bill come next spring. The same would be for the Federal portion of your taxes as well. This would force people to actually sit down and take notice of the financial platforms if it’s going to directly affect them. Suddenly all that free stuff the class warfare clowns are talking about will not be as great as the loafers who want something for nothing as in the end it will be taxed back at source. The lefties at the table thought this was a horrendous idea, because if Liberals and Dippers can’t bribe us with our own money they would never get elected. My fellow conservatives there welcomed the idea it an attempt to reduce out of control social spending. What do you folks think?

    • DD_Austin

      Responsible government? I’ve heard of that in 1837 not possible without Responsible citizens, and the government has been downgrading responsibility in citizens since the 1970s.

      I think the cesspool will have to hit the windmill before anything could change