Dear Media Party: Stephen Harper is still “Prime Minister”

The Media Party is so eager for Stephen Harper to leave office that they’ve made a point of calling him “Conservative leader” and not “Prime Minister” now that he’s on the campaign trail.

  • The Butterfly

    Journalists find new ways to do stupid every day.

    • Justin St.Denis

      You’ve noticed! Do you think that makes you a racist? 😉

  • mauser 98

    polls wrong for many elections ,last few years

  • Gary

    These weasels are known for appeasing the islamists by reporting on islamic or muslims issue by using the term ” The prophet Muhammed” when they never say ” The Lord Jesus” for Christian issues.

    What’s so funny is that Jesus actually made several prophecies which are usually know to be Good News from God on how to redeem your self or please god for your good deeds.
    Yet muhammed never made a prophecy for the Good News from God , he delivered threats for not obeying his version of God while he also had al list for those to be killed as a favour to his God.
    So Jesus was a proven prophet and yet muslims and the media call muhammed a Prophet with no evidence of even 1 prophecy being made.

    Any person trying to tell you that the have a message from God that came from a Prophet , test their fruits and listen for any Good News for Hope and not more threats to submit ( islam ) or be killed while on Earth.
    Sure it’s well known that there is doubt of a Judgement after your death , but islam seems to give muslims permission to mete out judgement now as a favour to allah .

    • Justin St.Denis

      Can’t disagree with anything you wrote there. I wonder when they will notice………

  • Justin St.Denis

    This shit pays well in Toronto, areas of Montreal, and Vancouver, but aside for those Canadian urban hellholes, Canadian citizens are quite aware of what’s at play. PinkBoys are only tough online and on paper.