Time to Tell the Truth About Islam

The important thing about a religion, said C.S. Lewis, is not whether it makes one feel good, but whether it is true. This observation came to mind while reading a recent piece by Jesuit Father James Schall, titled “Speaking Honestly About Islam.”

Father Schall suggests that we haven’t been telling the truth about Islam because to do so violates the feel-good principle that currently rules Western societies. According to the feel-good principle, self-esteem is the highest value. And, therefore, every person, culture and religion has an inalienable right to feel good about oneself/itself.

People hew to the Islam-is-peace line because they don’t want to give offense and also because they don’t want to be accused of a hate crime.

It’s a well-founded fear.

  • Justin St.Denis


    At Noon I was online at Truth Revolt, a well known conservative website, when the screen went suddenly blank. I suspect that TR has been successfully hacked and taken down. Not sure, though. this has never happened before to my knowledge.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Looks like it’s up now.

  • DMB

    Muslim woman leaves an unpleasant surprise at a hospital floor.