The contagious madness of the new PC

It’s becoming pretty clear, as the year rolls on, that some of our brightest youngsters have gone round the bend. It’s as if they’ve caught a virus, a mental one, a set of thoughts and ideas that might loosely be called political correctness, but seem to me weirder and more damaging than that.

Back in the 1990s, PC students would stamp about with placards demanding equal rights for minorities and talking about Foucault. This new PC doesn’t seem to be about protecting minorities so much as everyone, everywhere from ever having their feelings hurt. It came from America, this virus, incubated in the closed minds of the Land of the Free, but it’s here now, and contagious.


Trigger Warning!

  • Petrilla

    I hope someone can help here. Years ago I read a book , I think it was French which said that every 80-100 years, societies as a group went mad. It was contagious. I wish I could find anything about that theory, because I do believe free western societies are now going mad. From what, what schools say we now are to teach our children, against our own beliefs,from telling kindergatern children about all sex is OK to the unmitigated disaster of welcoming millions of people who share nothing in common with us. I feel this madness is on us. We don’t fight, because why again? We have become weak, enthralled to political correctness. I do believe madness is afoot, again. Lord help us all in our beloved Canada.

    • You are on to something!

    • eldorajcrabb

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    • Justin St.Denis

      Perilla, I do not know your age. BCF, I understand, is near the mid-century mark.

      My wife and I have both found ourselves wondering the same thing – but more frequently as time passes. We had to sit through the VMA broadcast with our granddaughter who absolutely insisted we watch it with her. She is 15. We were both bored stiff and horrified. Miley Cyrus is such a rerun! Absolutely nothing original or particularly outrageous (to anyone of our vintage) about her or her antics. We have seen this cycle repeat itself several times over now. Yet the crowd went wild for her! Ditto the very dull and rambling Kanye West.

      Yes, as we get older, we become more discerning of what is real and solid and what is a mirage and merely ephemeral. Being able to distinguish between the real and the manufactured can make one feel one is going crazy, or that the world around one is going nuts, instead. In point of fact, some of us see more clearly than others.