Spate of Killings Shows Honor Violence is a Worldwide Problem

Rabia Bibi, in Pakistan, suffered 70% burns after her father and uncle threw acid on her. They objected to her choice of husband, her cousin Jaffar, with whom she eloped after divorcing her first husband, another cousin, Nazakat.

Although a local council of village elders (panchayat) approved the match, her family did not agree. They attempted to blame the murder on Jaffar, but a police investigation revealed the culprits.

  • Petrilla

    So is it possible in such a little way, that these people, have seen the light, been modernized enough to know what happened was wrong and want to fix it? Much better than stringing up their enemies and burning them alive. I have not heard ONE WORD from the UN. Oh yeah the UN guy is here to tell us we don’t eat enough veggie. How about the UN arse ask why the torture and burning alive. I WANT ALL FREE COUTRIES TO TAKE AWAY ALL FUNDING FROM THE UN, How about that? I refuse to watch torture and murder but the UN must. I have an idea, that so called rapporter. I know who you are. A liar. I have figured it out. The UN gets a nice white woman or man, riddle with guilt to try to tell WE FREEBORN PEOPLE what to do. Like the i UN idiot that was chase out of Canada. Freeborn people live as we do. Not beholden to anyone.. And if I was so luck y o get one these.rapporteurs. he would be killed with my yogurt cake coffee and brandy. So spies are not always smart, always have a weakness, this is only fiction. Fiction.: To think this started with Chrissue Hynde.

  • simus1

    More logical:

    “They attempted to blame Jaffar for her murder ………….
    ………..but were too cheap to give the police a decent bribe to make it stick.”

    • eldorajcrabb

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  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    They come over here with their culture and tradition but never figurative that if they do that here , that’s crime .

  • Hard Little Machine

    When this comes to the west in a big way it will become quasi legal.

  • Frances

    Did notice no religion was mentioned. Obviously the Copts, Pakistani Christians, and Hindus.

  • New Centurion