Obama: ‘There’s Not a Smidgen of Evidence’ Suggesting I’m Antisemitic

President Obama said he is personally hurt by the anti-semitism accusations he has faced since signing the nuclear deal with Iran.

Obama told the Jewish publication Forward “there’s not a smidgen of evidence” to back up the charge.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Smidgen means there’s boatloads of evidence contrary to the ostensible assertion.

    • Obama is a taqiyya spewing Muslim, helping the spread of Islam.

      His actions on numerous levels have been biased in favor of Islam.

      My favorite is his request of NASA to have a Muslim outreach program.

      WTF. Why Muslim outreach? What about other religions? Why any religion?

      Obama is the ultimate taqiyya practitioner.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        That’s one of my favourite’s, too.

        Giant steps are what you take.
        Muslims on the moon.
        I hope my leg don’t break.
        Muslims on the moon.
        We could walk forever.
        Muslims on the moon.
        We could be together.
        Muslims on,
        Muslims on the moon.


        • Xavier

          Send them all.

      • Yes, and the worst part is that he knows his fawning fans, in the media particularly, will swallow whatever he says without an iota of critical thinking.

        • David Murrell

          Some Obama dinero negro (bribe money) into the media’s pockets doesn’t hurt either.

    • k1962

      I’d say that sitting in Reverend Wright’s church for all those years listening to his hate filled sermons is evidence of at least a problem with Jews and whites.

      • As are all his actions since his election.

  • Brett_McS

    Perhaps he could call on the LA Times to release their video of the Khalidi dinner?

  • simus1

    Emperor Barry is a plainspoken ruler and an open book.
    98% of his statements are total lies.

    The other 2% are teleprompter glitches which accidentally reveal the truth.

    • eldorajcrabb

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  • Obama is the No. 1 Anti-Semite of the 21st Century. He is worse than any of the countless Muslim anti-Semites, Leftist anti-Semites and Right-wing anti-Semites, because he is more powerful than all of them put together. And he daily uses that power against Israel, against the US and against all the West, and for Islam, thus increasing the mortal danger that Islam constitutes for Jewish survival on this planet. Obama is an extremely evil man who should be in prison, not in the WH.

    • WalterBannon

      he should be hanging from a rope for treason

  • What a lying sack of crap.

    As a narcissist, he truly believes his lies.

    • I doubt he believes his lies. He surely knows what goes on inside his head, and all the hatred he feels towards Jews. His game here is to keep fooling his Jewish-American supporters (the Leftist morons).

  • Norman_In_New_York

    If he walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, etc.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Obama wants to finish the work of Hitler. Period.

  • luna

    There’s not a smidgen of evidence this man is in the country legally.

  • luna