I think you should take that dog back…

That’s one unhappy cat.

  • jayme

    The cat will probably come to accept the dog, and they’ll work out an interaction that functions for both of them (probably with the cat – as the original animal in the house – being the boss). Hopefully.

    In our case, we brought our dog in as a puppy and stayed with him in a room with the door closed (not entirely ignoring our cat, of course, but the cat wasn’t allowed in). That way the cat got used to his scent and wasn’t threatened or alarmed. (Also helped get a head start on toilet training him.) We did this for several days before they were officially introduced and that went well. Our cat, Joey, recognized that the dog was a puppy and this helped too – he became very protective of him and now that they’re both adults, they’re best friends (Joey is still definitely the leader between them though).

  • andycanuck

    Pip would never put up with that!

  • My two cats did not like that video.

  • Minicapt

    The cat’s name was “Lizzie May”?


    • eldorajcrabb

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  • Edubeat

    We understand PetSmart has a money back Cat Return policy if they can’t seem to co-exist with man’s best friend Ruff

  • truthdareisay

    Where the hell is the UN when you need it?? Calling the negotiator, the animal, John Kerry….

  • ntt1

    the cat will win eventually ,they always do.