Was the July arson attack which claimed the lives of 18-month old Ali Dawabsheh and his father carried out by a rival Arab clan and not by Jewish settlers?

“I can only say that when the arsonists are ultimately caught, we will get to hear a fascinating story of why they chose terror1[1]to navigate their way all the way into the middle of the village, and how they had time to set a house on fire, wait to find that it was empty, then walk around and enter another house and set it on fire, wait with the parents, spray graffiti in two places – including with a little design of a crown! – and then run away through the middle of the village with all the townspeople surely already up and on their feet seeing the flames and hearing the family’s cries. Something here is very fishy…”

…The victims’ family have been involved in a blood-feud with an opposing clan for the last 18 years…