Today’s lifestyle tip: Don’t live in Muslim nations

Sharia judges stole my son: It’s a custody battle that will make your blood boil – how a court in Dubai took away this British mum’s child… for sending her French husband a text at Christmas

  • Scaramouche

    Cool reference to the movie “Almost Famous.”

  • john s

    So she chose to live in a 5 star islamic shite hole of a country and now she is upset that she has to abide by their laws? I don’t care about her troubles. I do want to know why the spell checker wants me to capitalize “islamic” but “christian ” is ok.

    • Gary

      I started to protest islam and muhammed by using the lower-case letters since the upper-case since a noun that is a title or proper name must have a capital letter to start it.

      Since islam seems to be fabricated faith by a person that is alleged to have existed more than 600 years after Jesus , I’ll leave it up to muslims to treat them like Proper name of Titles because there are 6,000,000,000 people on Earth to form an Al Gore consensus that islam is NOT a true Faith while the only records for muhamed’s battles and and conquests for lands for islam is in the quran .

      So basically , the proof for muhamed being a messenger from allah as detailed in the quran , IS the quranic verses and tales of muhammed .
      The quran does refer to Jesus though , that’s the tactic for a BIG LIE where you wrap a thin veneer of truth around it but the fruits of islam from the toxic orchard is more like chocolate coated Mothballs that look like a candy and smells like candy while a little bite passes the taste test , but for those that eat it and swallow the BIG LIE end up dead .

      The one trick I also do is to avoid starting a sentence with islam,muhammed or muslims .

  • Hard Little Machine

    I always get a laugh when some blonde private school social justice warrior chick goes to some nightmare country and then whines and moans that it’s unfair they arrest and flog her for taking off her clothes and having sex in public.