Terror suspect who fled Britain in burkha free to return after Government ABANDONS charges

A TERROR suspect who fled Britain after fooling undercover agents by wearing a burkha will get away scott free after the Government GAVE UP trying to prosecute him.

Bungling counter-terrorism officers lost Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed after he left a London mosque wearing the concealing outfit and fled the country.

They had been tracking the 29-year-old over suspicions that he received training and fought overseas for notorious terror group al Shabaab, which is linked to Al Qaeda.

He has been on the run ever since, but is now free to return to the UK after all the legal charges against him were sensationally dropped.

  • There must be a council house waiting for him to move in.

    • terrence

      And LOTS of “welfare” money

      • Indeed! Jihad seeker’s allowance, relocation expenses…

        • Maybe a sex-change on the NHS to complete the look.

        • tom_billesley

          .. plus MI5 informant pay.

  • Millie_Woods

    One kid outsmarted the police, the judiciary and the government. Made fools of them all. Shit like this is happening all too frequently. The Brits need to pop a few authority figures to make the rest focus on their jobs.

  • Gary

    Canada is just as bad because once a muslim terrorist goes jihad and kills people in Canada or is killed them self over seas in a war for allah’s cause , the RCMP and CSIS try to comfort us and mitigate the tragedy by assuring us that they were watching the terrorist and aware of their activity.
    Nice , they rush in to take credit for the disaster that they knew the muslim was a time-bomb but needed confirmation that they would actually resort to a criminal act.

    Why even have Cops, just send in Social Workers and Reporters after every crime or murder to confirm the event since the dead aren’t coming back to life.

    • The first move is to rush off to the local moske to ‘reassure communities’ against the backlash that doesn’t come.

  • Observer

    I wonder who Iran paid off in the UK government for this?

    • Minicapt

      I’d ask the question of how many members of the UK Civil Service are members of the Labour Party.