School daze: What are we paying for teacher deals?

TORONTO – It shouldn’t take a report by Ontario Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk to find out how much more of our money the Liberal government of Premier Kathleen Wynne is using to pay teachers this year.

But that’s what it took the last time — it wasn’t until November, 2014 that we found out it cost taxpayers $468 million more for Wynne to buy labour peace with the teacher unions in 2013.

  • jayme

    If its only 1.1% ok I would be some what fine with that but I have a feeling its more around 4% plus a massive increase in sick days.

    • Yup and the payoff is designed to keep teacher’s unions from striking and ruining Justin’s election run.

      This is Gas Plant Redux.

      • Alex

        And why not? It worked last time – how’s that police “investigation” going, I wonder – so why not do it again? Ontario voters apparently are about the dumbest in the country … though of course Albertans are trying to put up a fight for that honor.

      • kam9904

        She needs those unions on her side so they can focus on putting Justin in the big chair.

  • ontario john

    Lets see, for months now Turdeau has been ranting about how Harper wastes money on advertising that benefits him, but its ok when Turdeau’s lesbian buddy in Ontario starts using tax payer money to put ads on tv promoting her new pension scam.

    • Clausewitz

      Funny thing is that the CPC commercials are paid by, just wait a minute, the CPC. On the other side all of the Provincial Liberal ads are paid for by the Government of Ontario, which is a bold faced lie since they are paid for by the taxpayers of Ontario.

  • ontario john

    Turdeau says he is going to follow Wynne’s example of green efforts. Does that mean he is going to do the same thing that the story in the Globe and Smell suggests. The green energy plant that was supposed to replace the cancelled gas plants has been shut down over safety violations.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Whatever Wynne gives the teachers is worth it to get the contract negotiations over with so the unions and teachers can spend their times on the essential job of defeating Stephen Harper and his Paranoid Conservatives!

    • mauser 98

      paranoid? …Premier Strapon is hiding her golden pay raise to lazy teachers
      Premier Strapon still lying about gas plant crimes ,theft.
      Premier Strapon still lying about her destroying government files re: gas plant crimes…
      $$billions missing ,stolen

    • Clausewitz

      You’re being sarcastic right? No one can be that stupid. Read the BNA Act and pay particular attention to the sections on divisions of power and the rightful banishment of intergovernmental tampering.

  • simus1

    People often ask what the trillions Emperor Barry spent bought. A lot of it went to members of government worker unions like the teachers and civil service who prospered during the 2008 meltdown when massive layoffs should have been the norm. Their taxes in turn were applied to parasites and unemployables flocking to the disability dole. That is certainly a two for the price of one that socialists would agree with.

    • Clausewitz

      Most of the money given to the Unions was also siphoned back to the Democrats as part of a massive money laundering scheme.

  • Reader

    And now a little klezmer to get you to forget about politicians and government for a bit.