Kurds in Canada trying to raise pressure on Turkey through Canadian government

The Kurdish community in Canada is keeping a close eye on events in their homeland. Troubled by the way their brothers and sisters are being treated by the Turkish government, they organized a protest in Toronto, Canada to try and raise awareness among Canadians about the situation. Their aim is also to try to raise pressure on Turkey through the Canadian government.

“As Kurds from Canada watching what’s going on in Turkey specifically, we are not happy: the Turkish government is not taking the path of peace, democracy and human rights,” said Hadi Elis, a Kurdish activist with the Toronto Kurdish Community Centre. “It’s persecuting racist polices against the Kurds in Turkey.”

Elis organized the march to protest the Turkish government’s treatment of its Kurds.

  • cmh

    i am sick of immigrants whose only reason for coming here is to escape being jailed and/or to lobby against their homeland governments. i do not support this at all. they are not coming here because they want to be canadian.

    • Cheryl

      I have a question, why don’t they go back to their home country and protest there? Canadians should not have to put up with their protests here in Canada. What the hell is the matter with this country and us that we won’t stand up and say enough is enough, please go back to your country and fix what is broken there and leave Canada out of it.