ISIS Brutalizes Boys to Create an Army of Child Soldiers, Victims Say

ISTANBUL — Mohammed, 14, uses a wheelchair to move around the tiny apartment where he lives in the Turkish city of Sanliurfa with his brother and a friend of the family who acts as his nurse.

The apartment is on the third floor of a dilapidated walk-up building. It has no air conditioning. The doorways in the apartment are narrow. His wheelchair doesn’t fit through all of them, so Mohammed, originally from eastern Syria, often pushes himself out of the chair and hops around the apartment on one foot.

ISIS chopped off Mohammed’s right hand and left foot two weeks ago. ISIS tried to turn Mohammed into a child soldier. The group disfigured him because he refused to cooperate.

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  • Hard Little Machine

    As opposed to say the former Hitler Jugend and former SS female concentration camp guards who are routinely and politely interviewed by the BBC over the years to explain how they still don’t see any problem with what they did. All this does for me is convince me there’s no such thing as a ‘child’ soldier. There’s soldiers and civilians and that’s it. Line them up, mow them down. Kill them all.