Harper Derangement Syndrome Teachers’ Union honours whatsit for teaching kindergarten kids to dress in drag #elxn42

“The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) has presented Hamilton-Wentworth teacher Key Straughan with its 2015 Rainbow Visions Award for her work in incorporating age-appropriate teaching and modelling around transgender and gender issues.

…While encouraging students to wear costumes, Key dressed as a drag king and encouraged students to ask about the dress and behavior she was modelling.

Nope, no agenda here, no sir.

The ETFO has vowed to get Harper

  • Truly criminal. Such teachers should be in jail.

    • In a normal world.

      • ontario john

        I hear there are still some openings in private Christian schools.

    • ontario john

      Most Toronto teachers are in jail.

      • Gary

        It is rare for the TDSB and Teachers to phone the Police first when they expose a pedophile Teacher or sexual predator teacher in high school that beds students .
        It’s even more rare for them to turn in a Homosexual-pedophile teacher because the TDSB is stacked with Rainbow supporters like Ben Levin while they have Wynne on their side as well.

  • ontario john

    Perhaps teachers will be in a better mood when Turdeau gives them that tax break on school supplies. It will offset the tax on the wage increase they got.

    • Likely.

    • Clausewitz

      Actually that’s one of Wynne’s brain farts.

  • DMB

    Coming to a school near you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mF3ihYfYcw

    • OH God.

      • DMB

        This is why the publicly funded school system in its current form MUST be destroyed.

        • Petey the First

          I just take comfort in knowing that in the long run this will all be self correcting.

          A Hitler, Genghis Khan or Alexander the Great always comes along eventually.

          Maybe there’s a reason for the existence of ISIS we won’t appreciate until 100 years from now.

    • Barbara

      You have to sign in to dislike video. Is that normal?

  • sanwin
  • Liberal Progressive

    It is far more important for teachers to be instilling their progressive values in students than following the eurocentric male hegemony enforced social roles and rules.

    • disqusW6sf

      Like reading, writing and mathematics?

      • Petey the First

        I’m tutoring grade 12 Advanced Functions for a student going into grade 12 this fall. He wanted to get a head start. He asked me if I can also tutor the grade 12 Calculus and Vectors course as well.

        I looked into the curriculum and guess what? They no longer teach integral calculus, just derivatives. They basically cut the course in half from what they taught 20 years ago.

        He intends to go into engineering and it’s going to be a real shock when he starts first year calculus.

        But at least he knows about the 26 different flavors of gender. Good God.

        • disqusW6sf

          I wonder how far reaching this agenda is….Nova Scotia, BC, etc. A cousin dropped out of engineering as it was too hard and is now in liberal arts program…he had good marks but I wonder about the quality of his school education and it was not in Ontario.

          • terrence

            When I was in the University of Calgary years ago, a common remark was that if you could not make it in a science program, you could always flunk into education.

          • Petey the First

            When I went the flunk out rate for first year Engineering was between a quarter and the third of the starting class. I’ve been told it’s still about the same.

  • David Murrell

    According to Election Ontario records, the corrupt Ontario Elementary Teachers Association donates about $10-thou a year to the sleaze-bag Wynne Liberals, a year.

  • Gary

    Reason # 487 why I see Ontario and Toronto becoming a pedophile friendly Province and City.

    Can’t wait for the Mental illness issue to create the Trans-racial/gender in kids where the NDP wants Special wash rooms in schools and workplaces for Trans-geneder Whites that claims there is a Black African inside them that also a bi-sexual lesbian pedophile.

  • ntt1

    Our experience was after having all traces of christianity purged from our classrooms they then invited in a local salish religious expert to give rambling nonsensical lectures in local spirituality the expert was a German woman as no local elder felt up to doing it.. we monitored the lectures and shut them down as soon as the inevitable racist white guilt portion of the agenda was displayed. YOU MUST BE INVOLVED IN YOUR CHILD’S EDUCATION or the cultural marxists will prey on them.

    • Liberal Progressive

      You really need to read the Pedagogy of the Oppressed to understand why change is necessary!

      • ntt1

        and you need to realize that reading that progressive crap for someone of marxist tendencies like yourself is similar to a diabetic spooning up white sugar out of the bag. you are in a coma but your reading habits preclude your awakening.

      • Minicapt

        Certainly, provided the ‘change’ is the return of the traditional education/curriculum, and the public flogging of “pedological experts” who follow the vomitries of works such as “The Pedagogy of the Oppressed”. And their brain-dead followers.


      • Clausewitz

        Ah the Marxist educational bullshit bible. Read it. It’s a great comedy.

  • disqusW6sf

    Reminds me of Mao’s cultural revolution of 1960s. Bring in the new and destroy the old values/world.

    • Petey the First

      Leftists, SJWs and CHORMs all read from the same book.

    • ntt1

      I wonder if the progressives will get to reversing the meaning of red light/green light like the mao’s cultural revolutionaries did, even those murderous loons had to admit it was a bad idea

      • disqusW6sf

        Unlike the more astute Mao & thugs I think our progressives will need to experience the fender bender situation before realizing the mistake or issue as they say.

  • Edubeat

    There used to be a much coveted teacher prize called the Hilroy Award. It was organized by the Hilroy company to reward very deserving
    teachers. It remained so for decades until ETFO and the other unions started forcing locals to promote only union candidates for it There
    was a $2500 prize with each award (Most of the union candidates were
    complete and total incompetents I worked with 2 of them).The company got wind
    of the union thugocracy’s scam and abandoned the whole awards

  • Shebel

    Is it any wonder that Islam is gaining acceptance ? This nonsense is crazy and perverted. What are we up to now- 6 or is it 7 genders?

    We all know what this is leading up to—acceptance of Paedophilia– just to legitimize old perverted Mohummad.

    Kathleen Wynne is at the forefront of this traitorous, destruction and indoctrination of the minds of innocent Children that trust adults. I have a question for you Kathleen — cause I am curious—


  • Mickey Oberman

    So Norwegians started the disintegration of Norway.
    They are probably looking forward to the completion of the process by their Islamic overlords.
    One example of how and why civilizations fall and vanish.