Flashback: “Fury of the Falkland’s Heroes Over New Pope”

It’s true (as far as I know) that the then Archbishop wasn’t standing at the docks yelling “Shoot the gringos!” Buto-POPE-FRANCIS-WEEKLY-570[1] no priest would do that. In his subsequent comments and homilies he was as pro-war as any priest could be. Note that there is no evidence that he ever criticized the Argentinian attack. And while he appears to now be in favor of “dialogue”, that’s the current nationalist line. Preach dialogue. When that doesn’t work, attack. After you get your butt kicked (and close to a thousand young men are killed) and it’s clear you’re militarily weaker and won’t succeed through force, preach dialogue again.

…I should also note that while the Pope has become known for being egalitarian in citing the sufferings of all–whatever their race, nationality or religion (as an example, consider his remarks on the current European immigration crisis)–in his many comments and homilies on the “Malvinas”, to my knowledge he always extensively referenced the Argentinian war dead, but never the British war dead. Again, look up the homilies. The British victims don’t count.

That’s so weird.

Or rather, it’s not weird at all.

…Falklands veterans told of their dismay last night after the Argentine president hinted she hoped the new Pope – her countryman – would mediate in the dispute surrounding the territory.

Pope Francis believes the South Atlantic islands are ‘Argentine soil’.

In 2010 the then Buenos Aires Cardinal declared: ‘The Malvinas are ours’, and last year he accused Britain of ‘usurping’ the islands. 

  • Justin St.Denis

    With all due respect, Pope Francis should STFU and stick to Catholic affairs. Roman Catholics are actually signing petitions asking Pope Francis to say something – anything – in support of traditional Catholicism. Catholics are leaving the RC Church because this Pope keeps interfering in things that have NOTHING to do with being the head of the Catholic Church. Francis is, in effect, ignoring Roman Catholics in favour of other faith groups who cheer him on more enthusiastically than his own flock.

    • Millie_Woods

      For him, socialism comes easy and being a good Catholic is something he has to work hard at. The same can be said of virtually every Latin-American Catholic I’ve met. It’s revolution first and faith second (or maybe third).

      • Justin St.Denis

        Yes, I have noticed that as well. Also, every South and Central American country flirts with fascism or communism at regular intervals. Then again, so does Spain. Maybe it’s the Spanish language itself that does something to people…

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          Magna Carta.

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    • If they are leaving the Church, it’s not because of what he said. If people are attracted to leftism, then wouldn’t they return if the Pope is a leftist? Then when he says something conservative, wouldn’t leftists leave for that reason and conservatives remain?

  • Ron MacDonald

    This Pople is turning out to be a real asshole.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      This Pope?

      • Clausewitz

        One and the same.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          I meant to imply that this pope is not the only nimrod to have held the office.

          • Fran800

            Sigh! Yes, believe it or not we got your implication but i guess most people chose to ignore it.
            Catholics like others have had leaders that were less than perfect. However, the previous 2 popes, John Paul and Benedict, were magnificent.
            Francis is a dud. Can’t one point out that significant and serious fact without tedious generalizations such as the one you made?

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            If Benedict was so good then why did he abdicate?

  • Shebel

    This idiot Pope is a traitor to the Catholics ,the Christians and Western Democracies ,in general .

    It is fools like Francis—that start wars and get thousands of innocent people Killed.

  • Brett_McS

    Time for Britains to ask that question: How many divisions has the Pope?

  • BillyHW

    What a rancid dick this pope is.

  • Argentinians do think that of the Falklands.

  • Millie_Woods

    I wonder about this guy. Has anybody seen his baptismal certificate?

    • Clausewitz


    • Justin St.Denis

      That’s CLASSIC!

  • Clausewitz

    Who attacked whom on the Falklands? Maybe this Socialist Social Justice Warrior should speak to the Fascist Babe who is running the Argentine to cool her jets. Seems she’s the only one screaming for a war.

  • G

    “he hoped the new Pope – her countryman – would mediate in the dispute”

    What dispute? There’s no dispute. You lost. Your “dispute” is just you whining about it. Shut up.