Britain’s Largest Mobile Network Blocks Pro-Israel and Anti-Jihad Sites

Here are some of the blocked sites: ee_censor[1]

  • DMB

    Well at least they can still get access to Blazing Cat Fur!

    • Icebow

      Until they hear of….

    • Mal

      Plus, I’ve a few more leads for some informative blogs. Which is good.

      • Millie_Woods

        Ya, there’s a few blogs on that list that I’ve never heard of. Every cloud has a silver lining.

        • Mal

          Yep. Thanks EE.
          And Mamba, too!

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Sultan Knish should be daily required reading for everyone all over the planet.
    The bastards!

    • Exile1981

      I was called an F-ing infidel today by a 14 year old muslim girl after i refused to allow her to push my 6 year old down as she tried to cut in line at the park. Then a minute later she tried it again with my elderly mother in law who tore a strip off her.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Muslimas get aggressive and bitchy at a very young age. It is made worse by their sense of entitlement, which has apparently been fed at the Canadian taxpayers’ expense. I deal with their shit frequently as well. I never give an inch, but I do give them a lesson.

        • Exile1981

          We did caloway park and every single time someone tried to jump line it was always a girl in a head scarf and there were a lot of them or on the little kid rides it would be a women in a burkha trying to push their kid ahead of everyone elses kid. It was bad enough my kids commented on the pattern.

  • disqusW6sf

    They’re not much better than China.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Carbomb their offices. It stands to reason that since they embrace terrorism and fascism that terrorism and fascism should be used against them.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Islam-flavoured terrorism and fascism will prevail, unfortunately, because having balls has become so un-British. Or perhaps this is Darwinism at work.

      • lolwut?

        People in the UK are at least making an effort. unlike Sweden.

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        • Justin St.Denis

          Is that so? How come they are failing so very miserably?

          • lolwut?

            – Protests and counter protests confronting Muslims

            – Some Media (TV and Newspapers) actually reports on stuff without sugercoatiing it

            – They have Politicians and political partly opposed to Muslim immigration.

            – Truckers risk their lives confronting Calais migrants in and around their trucks.

            Those things in places like Sweden would get you arrested and jailed.

  • marty_p

    How long will it be before a Prime Minister Mulcair Govt. orders the CRTC to
    make Bell/Telus/Rogers follow suit

    • lolwut?

      I hope they do.

      Censorship like that just leads to people building ways to get around it
      and the more you try to shut them down the more they pop up.
      Kinda like file sharing, first they was Napster, they shut that down
      and it just exploded and no matter what they do, they still can’t block
      or shut down the Piratebay.

      The world has changed, information wants to be free.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Not that I am looking forward to this happening, but I think daily beheadings in the streets of Britain are just around the corner – grannies, children, moms, shopkeepers, dads, teenagers on their way home from school, will be “spontaneously” beheaded as sudden jihad syndrome prevails among Briatin’s islamist population (i.e. most muslims in Britain).

  • lolwut?

    Reddit mods are actively deleting Rebel Media posts. r/Canada is pretty much
    entirely left wing drivel and Liberal/NDP propaganda.

    Give it a shot and post, you’ll likely get a mod message saying “Racist” content removed/

  • Ron MacDonald

    People should cancel they subscriptions.

    • David Murrell

      Exactly. Britain has a fairly well organized ized right wing. Why not organize a fairly strong boycott of EE and the Virgin Network? Instead of whining, spread the word about the boycott, and inform the antii-Simi tic and pro-Islamist carriers about the boycott.

  • Brett_McS

    The American embassies in the Middle East have refugee programs run exclusively by Muslims. It’s why only Muslim “refugees” are getting into the US.

    I’d guess something analogous is happening in this UK telecom.

  • Dogandcat

    Proves they are not Jew haters??? Oh, they are Jew haters? Always have been……nothing new here, move on.