Australia: Anti-Islam protesters clash over the construction of a mosque in Bendigo

Violent clashes have erupted between rival protesters at a demonstration against the construction of a mosque in the city of Bendigo, Victoria State, in Australia. The event ended with an Australian flag being burnt, the Australian Associated Press (AAP) reported.

A large number of far-right United Patriots Front (UPF) supporters broke through police lines and started fighting with anti-racism protesters on the on the steps of the Bendigo Town Hall on Saturday afternoon. Riot police intervened and were able to restore order after spraying the fighting factions with pepper spray.

  • Martin B

    There’s that “far-right” again, when even the Khmer Rouge don’t qualify as far left.

    It’s still a good thing to see that not everyone down under is taking this lying down.

  • Gary

    Wow, no bias in the media .

    The Patriots are ” Far-Right” people , while the islamofascist homophobes wanting sharai law are the ” Anti-racism ” crusaders .

    Goebels would be proud of the pro-hamas/ISIS muslims that use terrorism to control the media for the taqiyyah that demonizes anyone resisting the Sharia law to also make Australia an islamic State by-proxy .

    The World is now seeing how muslims have brought violence and islamic supremacy goals to every infidels nations they pour into to out breed the natives and dominate one day .

  • Alain

    “Far-Right” is newspeak for anything the least bit right of communism.

  • G

    Wraps these people should express their concerns over left wing media bias in several letters to the editor cut into the gods & windshields of the cars in the employee’s parking lot of the local newspapers.

  • G

    Hoods & wind shields “.
    Fucking autocorrect ( oh sure, it gets “fucking” right every time though)

  • In a sane world, mosques would be illegal. Nice to know the Aussies know how bad Islam is.

  • David Murrell

    We need a “Reclaim Canada” here, to fight the po-Islamists.

  • Minicapt

    I noticed that an “anti-fascist” burned the Aussie flag.