Sweden to Launch A New Counter-Terrorism Strategy

Sweden’s Minister for Home Affaris Anders Ygeman launched his government’s new counter-terrorism strategy in Stockholm yesterday. The policies unveiled are aimed at dissuading and disrupting would-be-terrorists looking to join radical groups, as well as preventing terror attacks themselves.

Ygeman referred to the Islamist attacks in Paris in January which left 17 people dead and the February shootings in Denmark that killed a further two innocent victims, saying:

“We have to understand that what happened in Paris and Copenhagen might well happen here.”

Practical measures Sweden intends to take will be proposed in parliament over the coming months, reports The Local. These will include tougher criminal penalties for the possession of grenades and bombs (a recurring problem for Sweden which Breitbart London has previously reported).

In terms of security measures, the new policies will allow for smoother cooperation between the governments of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden – including the exchange of information between national intelligence services – so countries can support one another in the event of terror threats or an actual attack.

There will be stricter controls on those who finance terror groups and those who decide to join them abroad will also face prosecution upon their return to Sweden.

  • BillyHW

    But no sensible controls on immigration.

  • luna

    How’s this for a strategy?

    1. Require all refugees to pledge their allegiance to their host county.

    2. Monitor mosques, and punish those who incite violence. Punishment should limit their ability to communicate with anyone.

    3. Promote a sense of national pride.

    4. Provide security training to interested citizens who pass background checks.

    • BillyHW

      lol! How are your puppy dogs and kittens doing, luna?

      • luna

        I am not the luna you’re looking for, no pets here.

  • Dana Garcia

    Sweden had a previous counter-terror strategy? Who knew?

  • Xavier

    Preemptive surrender?

  • Canadian

    The State will give them free blonde girls to rape if they promise not to go.
    That should work.