Suspected Bangkok bomber arrested

Police in Bangkok say they have arrested one of the suspects in the bombing that killed 20 people in Thailand’s capital earlier this month.

Authorities say the arrested man fits the description of the main suspect in the 17 August bombing and was found with possible bomb-making materials.

More – Thai police arrest Turkish suspect over Bangkok shrine bombing

Adem Karadag

Adem Karadag

  • ontario john

    I’m sure it has nothing to do with islam, he just was a frustrated tourist.

  • Justin St.Denis

    He looks like so many of the rent-boys you see hanging around many Asian and middle eastern airports. Sudden jihad syndrome or semen overdose? Hard to tell…….

  • Martin B

    A Turk? Why would a Turk want to blow up Thais?

    Islam, that’s why.

    • luna

      “Turk” may be euphemism for Uigher.

  • pike bishop

    If GWB didn’t topple Saddam this would not be happening…oh and no WMD too. /s
    I almost feel sorry for them. Being in the tender hands of the Thai security service might tend to focus the mind.

    • luna

      This is the result of western aggression in the middle east over blood oil. Ok actually that’s obviously false.

  • Why does he resemble the guy who shot Pope John Paul II?