From the inside, Isis looks less like a terrorist group and more like a greedy, entitled bunch of racists

There is a great irony where Isis is concerned. While the group claim to be creating a new society in which race and nationality don’t matter (as long as you agree with the Isis party line) – we know that the truth is actually very different.

A first-hand account from Abu Ibrahim al-Raqqawi, an activist in Raqqa, confirmed to me that “jihadis from other countries tend to stick in groups by nationality or language – the British together, the Dutch together – and they don’t have much to do with ordinary people here.” They’re even treated differently depending on where they fit in Isis’ racial hierarchy. North Africans have reported being paid less. Western recruits complain they are left to do washing up. Indians they are made to scrub toilets. A few weeks ago a prominent British Isis fighter wrote online that Europeans should stick together because “associating with Arabs can be quite annoying and stressful”. This attitude of casual prejudice seems endemic.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    There is a God of justice.

    • He works in mysterious ways

    • I would really hope so. I wish He would make Himself more evident. But we are not to question Him. So what are we to do?

  • Maggat

    “annoying and stressful” hang around for some time and perhaps you will be sent on to a less stressful and peaceful place.

  • ontario john

    Muslims racist? I don’t believe it. I’m sure Arab muslims treat all their slaves the same way. Must be more propaganda from Harper and his Harperites. The media says French citizen Mulcair is our next PM, and he wants to bring thousands of muslims here, so it can’t be a bad thing.

  • pike bishop

    A long time ago I read that a lot of the Irish “trouble” was really just regular crime dressed up as politico/religious strife.

  • BillyHW

    Wait, I thought only Republicans could be racist.