Flooding Victims Denied Help Because of Their Religion

Behold the third pillar of Islam!

Christians in Pakistan affected by flooding this summer are being forced to convert to Islam or become slaves, or else they cannot receive help from the government.
More than 60 Christian families in Kasur lost their homes from summer flooding, said Wilson Chowdhry, the president of the British Pakistani Christian Association. The BPCA has arrived in Kasur to provide some help to those families.
According to The Christian Post, Muslims affected by the storms have been offered temporary shelters, water and food, while most Christians have not.
Chowdhry said that some Muslim charities are telling Christians they can convert to Islam if they want to receive help.
  • ntt1

    Why are we donating so much as a dollar in foreign aid to this muslim cess pit?

    • BillyHW

      Because women vote and these are puppy dogs and kittens to them.

      • k1962

        Stop with that already. There are plenty of men would shouldn’t have the vote either.

        • Surele Surele

          I know a few.

          • BillyHW

            What matters is how 51% of them vote.

        • BillyHW

          I’m sorry, did I hurt your feelings and now you’re trying to take away my free speech? Typical fascist vagina.

          • S/he’s not “trying to take away (your) free speech”. S/he just replying to it.

            If k1962 is a woman then you’re seemingly “trying” to take away her vote, or at least, if not actively “trying”, bitching about it endlessly. So do stop playing the martyr.

          • BillyHW

            She told me to stop talking about it, just like the human rights tribunals tried to get Kathy to shut up. This is a cuntry run by women, and we need to fix that.

          • k1962


        • John

          I know of at least one…

  • Dan Howe

    It’s Pakistan. Think of that next time there is a relief appeal for a flood or earthquake. Send them outdated Spam.

    • k1962

      Now that you bring it up, I think donations to that country (or maybe Turkey) after a natural disaster were criticized for being to small. Karma is a bitch isn’t it :-))

    • Justin St.Denis

      Pakistan blows, and Pakistanis blow even worse.

    • Gary

      Even today after the 30+ years since the pakistani invasion we stuill hear they whine about racism when it was really taqiyyah by muslims to get their way.

      Recently a Housing area almost complete and it was in a pakistani Community , they didn’t know what the problem was when they wanted to name a Street in Canada after a City in Pakistan famous for producing Terrorist and Jihaists for allah.
      This is what 40 years of Liberalism and Multiculturalism has created by the self-segregated Minorities that had Federal money thrown at them to stay out of the Wealth White Liberal neighbourhoods like where Bob Rae and Justin live .
      The Wealthy White’s and Politicians love to point at the working class as the Racists and bigots to deflect the media and Minorities , the big thing to is Welfare for illegals and FREE health care to play the Compassion card as we go bankrupt in Ontario and Toronto .

      Regent Park’s upgrade was a $1,000,000,000.00 project by the Leftists at City Hall and pro-refugee groups that gorge at the Public trough via Support groups ( while we still have Canadian homeless freezing to death in the winter) , this Welfare housing is now dominated by the 60% plus muslims population that imposes Sharai Law in the Rec Centre for who and when males can use it .
      There is NO shame for the thousands of Muslims pouring into canada and becoming a Ward Of The State to go on welfare or live in Muslim-only complexes .

  • Ron MacDonald

    Great excuse for the West to cut off all aid to Pakistan.

  • BillyHW

    There is no such thing as Islamic charity. All islamic “charities” in the west are merely fronts for terrorist group funding.

  • roccolore

    Muslim hypocrites demand we help those who flood Europe for welfare benefits. Now those same Muslims refuse to help Christians.

    • luna

      Muslims are instructed only to treat other Muslims as brothers, but to be harden their hearts against the infidel.

  • Icebow

    Because of an earthquake, I donated to Pakistan relief some years ago. Never again.

  • k1962

    That is disgusting and is an example of why we should only take Christian or other minorities who are among the refugees from the middle east. Muslims are arrogant supremacists and this example of state bigotry from Pakistan tells me we should except no more Muslim immigrants from that country either and obviously from looking at England should never have accepted any.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Just as there is no humour in islam, nor is there charity or humanitarianism. Look at the Palestinians languishing in camps in muslim countries for the last half-century. Look at the reactions of muslim government’s when catastrophes befall them or other muslim nations.

    Islam is not a religion, it is a cult devoid of any redeeming characteristics. It should be obliterated from the globe.

  • DD_Austin

    I can’t toss a stone about this because we should be doing the same

    No citizenship for muslims unless they convert
    No welfare for muslims unless they convert
    No foreign aid for muslims unless they convert

    • luna

      Following Islam’s doctrine with the words Muslim and kaffir switched is the fastest way to stop Islam in its tracks. But this will never happen, because we’re just not evil enough to follow such a wicked doctrine, even in reverse.

      Well it could only happen if it were compulsory, but that would mean submitting to something no less evil.

      • DD_Austin

        Evil, Wicked Doctrine? Where do you get that?

        We aren’t doing anything to them, we leaving them strictly alone
        no bombing, no trade, no food, no water, … no nothing

        If they starve out of stupidity that’s their fault, not ours

        • luna

          I took it a step further, your suggestion of isolationism is not wicked or evil.

          However, isolationism is difficult because (a) the whole world is connected by trade, plane & internet; and (b) the doctrine they follow is expansionist, they are instructed to conquer the whole world, so they will never be content bringing misery & suffering only to part of the world.

    • Do unto others… before they do unto you.

  • Gary

    Meanwhile when pakistan had that flood it was exected by the UN that Christian nation s bail out these Wife-beating honour-killing Master-Race of ungrateful Jihadists for allah.

    Muslims love to hold up the Children as victims to gain sympathy to get charity or aid from non-muslims . Yet these same people will strap bombs to their children along with filling their heads with Jew-hatred and the idea that martyrdom pleases allah .

    The quran makes it clear that every muslim male at age 14 is to become a jihad warrior for the caliphate and allah’s cause. This may be just doing Dawah or having a huge family in a non-muslims nation to out breed them and dominate one day.

    I am no longer shocked that Islam is the most hated faith by the 6,000,000,000 non-muslims as we see more and more quran inspired slaughters that now causes a psychological terrorism where the 6 billion now live with the implied threat they will be murdered by a Peaceful Moderate muslims that suffers the SJS ( sudden jihad syndrome) to KILL KILL KILL .

  • Mal

    Zero Foreign Aid to Pakistan, that’s all.
    And, “John”, or “Andrew”, or whatever the relentless, retarded Paki telemarketer for the “Air-duct Cleaning Service” will be calling himself next time is going to have to convert to Christianity if he wishes to talk to me without getting mocked any more.
    (I suspect that I don’t have to worry about losing that simple pleasure any time soon, though!)

  • morticiaa

    So what’s the first pillar
    HOLDING Canadian citizenship ceremonies in Islamic schools threw up when ivheard this on. 300 new Canadians subjected to a place thatbteaches jew hatred openly and is funded by the slimy arabs