Britain unveils its latest weapon in the war to defeat ISIS extremists

The British government have unveiled their latest weapon to combat the fierce jihadi group ISIS – a dedicated Twitter feed.

The @UKAgainstISIL account promises ‘updates on the UK Government’s ongoing work’ to defeat the terrorist group.

Since it was activated two days ago, there have been several tweets – including a link to a video arguing that Britain is playing a ‘leading role in the global coalition’.

  • I dare them to “Tweet” the truth.

    How about – Islam is a fake – Mohammad was a pedophile – the mullahs are criminals – Allah does not want you to kill – eat pork – women should be respected – no head rolling – child brides are bad.

  • ThomasB

    A dedicated twitter feed? Well, that’s certainly going to put ISIS on the defensive. And for the coup de grace … a mascot! Being rather old-fashioned, I’m kind of partial to a cute, cuddly, anti-jihad teddy bear (with a neck made of metal, of course).

    • Millie_Woods

      It’s nothing to joke about. I stocked up on dry goods, water and gasoline. I want to be prepared if this escalates into a Facebook spat.

  • luna

    ISIL is a symptom, the problem is ideological, and the cure is honesty.

    Without understanding the problem there is no comprehensive strategy. Without a strategy there is no victory.

    • Millie_Woods

      Well put. And the more of them that come here the less able we are to talk honestly.

      They, on the other hand, are allowed to talk honestly about white people and our faults. It’s some kind of brown privilege.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I’m watching W1A and I no longer think it’s satire.

  • DMB

    I like to know what a moderate ISIS member is because I don’t see the difference between an extremest and a moderate member of ISIS.