Al Jazeera Journalists Sentenced to Three Years Imprisonment in Egypt

An Egyptian judge on Saturday handed down unexpectedly harsh verdicts in the trial of three journalists from the Al Jazeera English news channel, sentencing them to at least three years in prison on charges that human rights advocates have repeatedly dismissed as political in nature.

The journalists, Mohamed Fahmy, Baher Mohamed and Peter Greste, had said they were expecting to be exonerated or sentenced to time already served. Egyptian officials have strongly suggested they were eager to be rid of the case, which had become a source of international embarrassment for the government of President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, highlighting its sweeping crackdown on opponents as well as freedom of expression after the military takeover in 2013.

But on Saturday, the judge, Hassan Farid, said that the men, who had all previously worked for other internationally respected news organizations, were not in fact journalists because they lacked the necessary credentials. And he upheld what rights advocates said was among many baseless accusations leveled during their trial: that the journalists had “broadcast false news” about Egypt on Al Jazeera.

  • David

    Fomenting insurrection in a third world country is not a good idea.

  • Gary

    Awwww , boo hoo.

    Another scam artist that came to canada to get our passport and then globe trot to get in trouble as the Arar’s did .

    Since we all know that he’ll sue us for $400,000,000.00 as Maher Arar ( and CAIR) tried to do with false claims of torture that he NEVER proved , nor took the stand at his Inquiry he DEMANDED be held.

    We can’t afford to keep letting in people that hate canada, hate our values , support jihad, hate jews, and want their own State one day even if it means Jihad terrorism to get .
    He was an Egyptian that used HIS passport to get into Egypt, but once in trouble he did what the Khadr’s do and those 14,000 scammers in Lebannon did by pulling out and dusting off their Canadian passport so out Tax dollars could help bail him out .

    We got burned by Arar , so lets this POS call Maher Arar to thank him for causing the apathy in canada and to ask if he could use his extortion money he got to finance getting out of Egypt.

    I’ve ran into far too many a-holes in canada that don’t understand how an Inquiry works and why the hamas-linked CAIR behind Arar’s lawfare used it to avoid a real trial where Arar would be forced to take the stand and risk getting caught in his lies.

    The Government report on Maher Arar was rigged from the start and could only look at what was proposed for the Inquiry , an Inquiry allows people to lie their guts out and not suffer and punishment as we saw for the AdScam and Walkerton where drunks caused the death by Sid Ryan and CUPE blamed Harris.
    Arar was NOT in Tunisia on vacation , and he wasn’t Nabbed in New York and held for two weeks until he was secretly flown to Syria to be tortured.
    But the lies in 2003 got out ahead of the story and the CBC bought it along with the NDP that actually used Maher’s wife to run for the MP seat in Ottawa from the anti-israel/usa arab/muslim area but they wouldn’t elect a muslim women .

    Justice O’connor could only rule that the Arar’s had no ties to terrorism in Canada. This was because Sheema Khan from CAIR and their lawyer’s refused to let the Inquiry look at their lives prior to Maher fleeing Tunisia for the USA .
    The $400 million was a ruse to threaten a long trial that would cost Millions for the taxpayers , so just one day before the Arar report was to come out, Arar lawyer agree to go away for $10.2 million .
    Ask your self if a pedestrian that claimed you hit them was really injured with their $4000.00 lawsuit , yet one day before it gets looked at by a Judge in a Court trial their lawyer wants to settle for $102.00 .

    Now tell me the Arar case wasn’t a shake-down via fake torture claims in Syria when he told the media in 2003 he was Torture in JORDAN prior to being return to his homeland of syria for a Military trial as a draft dodger.

    The latest gripe by the Arar’s is that they can’t get a travel VISA to ” Vacation” in Saudi Arabia since they are devout Sunni and pro-sharia muslims.

    Fahmy can use this time to get closer to allah and ask why he let this happen .

  • Waffle

    Mohammed, meet the ghost of your mentor, Joe G.

  • Achmed

    Mohamed Fahmy should sue the Canadian government for $10 million for not getting him out of Egypt since he is a Canadian citizen!

    • Clausewitz

      No, Canada should do away with Citizens of convenience by outlawing dual passports.

  • disqusW6sf

    They’re lucky they only received 3 years.